Love Season 2 Trailer Fails To Take Things Slow

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Love was one of Netflix's quieter successes of 2016. Coming from producer and co-creator Judd Apatow, the series chronicled the burgeoning relationship between Gus (Paul Rust) -- an on-set tutor for a campy TV series -- and Mickey (Gillian Jacobs) -- a radio show producer and struggling sex and love addict -- in Los Angeles. Featuring a standout performance in particular from Jacobs, it was one of the more charming romantic comedies to hit television in recent memory, and yet another refreshing, unique addition to Netflix's diverse original programming lineup.

Now, after leaving Gus and Mickey on a presumably positive note in the season 1 finaleLove is set to return for season 2 on the streaming service next month. Unlike the first season, which spent about half of its length focusing on Mickey and Gus coming together, the second season is set to follow them as they now struggle to stay together.

Following the first teaser trailer released a couple weeks ago, Netflix has now released the first full-length trailer for the upcoming second season online today. Featuring more appearances from some of the series' more lovable and notable supporting characters, including Claudia O'Doherty's adorable Bertie, the latest trailer gives a much better look at what the new season has to offer. Check it out for yourself in the space up above.

In addition to just showing more fleshed out story beats than the previous teaser, the new trailer also features some small teasers for the season's guest stars, including David Spade at one point. The previous season really only had one notable guest star appearance with Andy Dick, but named an entire episode after him, and dedicated half of its runtime to he and Mickey coming to terms with their substance abuse problems together. Considering Apatow's clout and the show's proven success, one can only imagine what the second season might bring in terms of unexpected, recognizable faces.

What made Love stand out from the rest of its rom-com predecessors, was its ability to address real issues and relationship drama with authenticity and sincerity. The problems that a Gus and Mickey pairing might bring came to the forefront of their relationship fairly quickly during their initial run as a couple, leading to a heated break-up and then reunion in the last two episodes of the first season. There's no telling if they'll have any more success meeting each other halfway this time around, but Mickey and Gus seem much more aware of their individual problems than they were before, and much more willing to try and help each other get past them. Either way, Love looks like its coming back a little more mature than it was last time, but no less crazy and dramatic either.

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Love returns to Netflix for season 2 on March 10.

Source: Netflix

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