Love & Hip Hop: 5 Best Characters & 5 That Fans Can't Stand, Ranked

The Love & Hip Hop franchise has put many forgotten rappers back on the map. However, the real stars are the significant others who have been putting up with their crap for years now. Like every other reality TV show Love & Hip Hop has drawn fans into their personal drama that also just happens to make for great TV. Creator Mona Scott-Young is the one to thank for the drama because she sure knows how to pick a great cast.

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With each new city that Scott-Young heads to, there is always that one cast member that makes you want to tune in every week. That one cast member who believes that they are more famous than they are starts basically all the fights, and of course has fans on the edge of their seats. Whether we love them or hate them, the fans will forever tune in to make sure that their favorite characters are still going strong. 

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10 Best: Yandy Smith - New York

Yandy has been with the franchise since season one. In fact, she actually may be the only original cast member left. She started out as a manager for Jim Jones and has blown up to be so much more. Yandy is no longer just famous for being on a reality TV show, she is now an activist, foster mom, and mentor.

While she awaits her husband being released from prison she has used her fame to make amazing career moves and shine a light on topics that are not always perceived in the best way. To date, she is the most stable cast member and frequently has to be the go-between and act as a mediator between fellow cast members. 

9 Best: Cardi B - New York

If you don’t know who Cardi B is by now, then we suggest you fall in line. She is the breakout star from the franchise. She started as an exotic dancer and being on the show because she had danced for high-profile clients like Drake. The then wannabe rapper was still dancing to pay for studio time.

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The show gave her a leg up and eventually, she was able to meet the right people. Cardi B is now one of the biggest rappers out there, however, back then she was known to pop a chick for stepping to her, and putting these raggedy men on place when they step out of line. Fans surely miss her one-liners. 

8 Best: Papoose - New York

After Papoose's wife did ten years in jail, he has been using hte show as a platform to support his wife's rap career. Everything about Papoose screams that he shouldn’t be on his show, he is too pure and too good for it. Papoose regularly has to play the mediator role but what we love most about his presence on the show is that he is a dedicated father.

He is literally the one who can solve anything. On a show full of drama and a few not so stable people, he adds the stability that’s needed.

7 Best: Amara La Negra - Miami

Amara La Negra is the standout star of the Miami cast. Not only is she a fan favorite, but basically every male cast member has expressed some form of interest in her. She is basically the black girl magic we all need in our lives. Big hair, beautiful curves, and a great personality.

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Watching her work her way through the industry crushing her competitors is inspiring and her positivity is a fresh of breath air... especially for someone on a reality TV show. Amara’s career has been taking off since appearing on the show so we can only assume she will move on soon. 

6 Best: K Michelle - Atlanta

K Michelle has always been THAT chick. She had a career before she appeared on the Love and Hip Hop franchise. However, her career was on a downward spiral when she first appeared on the show. So, dare we say, she needed the boost from L&HH? She has quickly become the girl not to mess with.

K Michelle has appeared on Atlanta and Hollywood and she even popped up on New York a few times. There is no doubt that she can sing and since being on the show, she has started touring again. K Michelle always brings the drama and you can count on her every time for some shade.

5 Can't Stand: Stevie J - Atlanta

Supposed super-producer Stevie J had a great career back in the 90s. He worked with Diddy and his Bad Boy crew and he even wrote and produced some hits for artists like Faith Evan (his now wife), 112, Mariah Carey, and so on. Unfortunately for Stevie J, he is one of the most hated cast members in the franchise.

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He is constantly being called out for being a bad father to his 6 kids and he says shady things on camera to and about his baby mamas. However, people probably hate him the most for that “rat face” that he does every time he thinks he’s being cute or says something shady. 

4 Can't Stand: Jojo Zarur - Miami

Fans used to not care if Jojo was around or not she has no real ties to music and if we are being 100% real, she should be a friend of the show, not a full-time cast member. In season two, Jojo completely betrayed Amara (her only real friend) to get more TV time. She must have needed the attention because she came into season 2 with a lot of hate for her once good friend.

She accused Amara of  “putting roots on me” literal voodoo to supposedly ruin her life. Fans were totally over her crap. The social media clapback was rough for her and now she will no longer be returning for season 3. #byejojo

3 Can't Stand: Soulja Boy - Hollywood

Fans know Soulja Boy for his music so when he joined the cast of Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood people were a bit shocked. He came in on a sour note. He had been in a relationship with a celebrity’s daughter and supposedly a few domestic abuse situations had taken place.

Fans got to see the true Soulja Boy and they were less than impressed. His attitude was horrible, he treated women like garbage, and his antics were borderline ridiculous. Like moving into a house with his girlfriend and her 3-year-old daughter and throwing parties way more than a household with a kid living in it should have. We will admit though, we have gotten a laugh out of some of his antics. He is currently in jail so, #freesouljaboy

2 Can't Stand: Peter Gunz - New York

Peter Gunz should really be number one on the list of hated cast members. He has like 9 kids and several baby mamas. He certainly isn’t a catch and people consider him a one-hit-wonder. To top it off he is a cheater. However, there is actually one person who might be worse and we will get to that later.

One of Peter’s more prominent storylines is when he was in a full-blown relationship with the mother of his youngest kids but went ahead and married another girl. He was living a double life and even ended up getting both women pregnant at the same time. Eventually, this storyline got old and fans started to see him for what he really was; a freeloader. He was basically couch surfing and if he had to get someone pregnant to do it, he would. 

1 Can't Stand: Rich Dollaz - New York

Okay, here we go: Rich Dollaz used to be a producer and manager. Now, he is only known for running through women the way a thirst trap runs through water. Rich has been known to get into the women’s business and act like he can’t live without drama. The amount of times Rich has been linked to women who end up being cast members is astonishing.

What really bothers fans is that he is very calculating even when he does something messed up and people forgive him he makes the same messy mistakes over and over again. Do we as fans love seeing him mess up? Of course, it’s the drama we crave. But now, it’s just getting annoying.

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