Netflix’s Love Final Season Trailer Tries For A Real Adult Relationship

Never one to miss a perfect (or very obvious) marketing opportunity, Netflix has waited until Valentine’s Day to deliver unto the masses the trailer for the third and final season of Love. The half-hour romantic comedy from producer Judd Apatow, and starring Gillian Jacobs and Paul Rust, has already delivered two funny and charming seasons about the ups and downs of modern romance. Now, the trailer for season 3 sets the stage for the sort of trials and tribulations that may ultimately decide the couple’s future.

It has been a bumpy road for Mickey and Gus so far, and last season saw the couple at their lowest and highest points. The season ended with the pair assuring one another it was time to have a “real adult relationship,” despite Mickey hiding her ex in the next room. From the look of things, it appears they’re still giving that relationship a go, though there’s plenty more challenges ahead, especially after SNL’s Vanessa Bayer shows up as Gus’s ex girlfriend with some opinions about Mickey.

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The idea of an ex coming back to haunt a new, semi-functional relationship could be a significant part of the series’ final outing, especially if Mickey’s former flame Dustin (Rich Sommer) is still hanging around. It might not matter whether he is or not, as the new footage from seems to suggest there’s plenty of other outside influences just waiting to sabotage the couple.

Love Season 3 Poster

As far as footage goes, the trailer splits the difference between new stuff and recapping where Love has been over the past two seasons. That’s not too surprising considering this is the end of the road for the series, and as such it makes sense Netflix would want to conjure up some sentiment about bringing this comedy and its core relationship full circle. Though, to its credit, the trailer also does a pretty good job setting up the next step in the relationship between Mickey’s roommate Bertie (the very funny Claudia O’Doherty) and Randy (Mike Mitchell), a guy who just can’t seem to get his life on track.

Although you wouldn’t have thought it when the series first premiered, the show has more to say about entering into adulthood than you’d expect, and it seems to steering more toward an understanding of what that means in the final season. At any rate, whether you’re deeply invested in Mickey and Gus’s future, or you’re just wanting another light, funny comedy to binge-watch come March, the final season of Love will probably be worth checking out.

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Love season 3 premieres Friday, March 9 on Netflix.

Source: Netflix

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