What To Expect From Love, Death & Robots Season 2

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Is Love, Death and Robots season 2 going to happen, and if so, when will it release on Netflix? Over the years, Netflix has attempted to break new ground either by adapting beloved stories for the small screen or by creating unparalleled content that their subscribers can't find anywhere else. The Love, Death and Robots TV show happens to fall into the latter category.

Netflix's Love, Death and Robots is an adult-oriented, animated anthology series with short films that range from a few short minutes to over 15 minutes long, and each episode is a unique, self-contained story that's fundamentally based in science fiction. It was only after Tim Miller and David Fincher failed to make their Heavy Metal movie that the concept transformed into Love, Death and Robots, with Netflix being the only outlet willing to fund the project.

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Love, Death and Robots season 1 released with 18 episodes in March 2019, and now fans of the series are looking forward to more stories in Love, Death and Robots season 2 - but there's still a lot that remains unknown about Love, Death and Robots' future on Netflix. Will Love, Death and Robots season 2 actually happen, and when would it even release?

Last updated: June 18, 2019

Love, Death and Robots Renewal

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Love, Death and Robots season 2 was officially confirmed by Netflix in early June, almost three months after the series first debuted. It took a bit longer than usual for the renewal to come through, but given that it's an anthology series, it's not so surprising that Netflix wanted to wait and see how it performed over the course of a few months before finalizing a decision.

Love, Death and Robots Release Date Info

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Even though Love, Death and Robots season 2 is happening now, it still won't release for a while. Audiences shouldn't expect Love, Death and Robots season 2 to release in 2019 but perhaps it could in 2020. Coordinating several animation teams from around the world to create multiple shorts for Love, Death and Robots season 2 wouldn't be easy, and given the fact that Miller - who created Love, Death and Robots and produced it with Fincher - is hard at work on Terminator: Dark Fate, development on Love, Death and Robots season 2 likely wouldn't even begin until later this year, at the very earliest. However, it took only two months from the initial announcement to release Love, Death and Robots season 1, so there's a chance fans can see Love, Death and Robots season 2 release on Netflix early next year.

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