Love After Lockup's Tracie Wagaman Arrested Again for Drug Possession

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On-screen Love After Lockup Tracie Wagaman may be enjoying wedded bliss, but in real life, she has landed herself back in jail. She was arrested on Tuesday, August 6 for possession of a controlled substance in Bedford, Texas.

Life for Tracie and husband Clint Brady appeared to be looking up after experiencing what has often been a turbulent storyline on season 2 of WE TV's Love After Lockup and its spinoff Life After Lockup. The shows followed the couple through the ups and downs of their relationship as they sought to maintain a stable marriage, while the spinoff’s finale broadcast featured the two at a Las Vegas vow renewal ceremony. Throughout Life After Lockup's current airing, Tracy and Clint often posted declarations of love on social media, with Clint’s last social media posting before Tracie's arrest falling on July 21.

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Tracie is currently being held at Tarrant County Correction Center on $5,000 bail, according to Reality TV World. Details about the events leading up to the arrest have not yet been released. However, on July 26, Tracie wrote a rambling Instagram post that some believed was indicative of a relapse. She wrote:

"This is to all you haters and whom ever . This is to shut y'all up about ur speculation of us being High [all] the time. Just for the record if we want to smoke crack will go and smoke crack. If we want to do meth .. then we'll go & do it. We don't need your permission to go do anything or do we care what you really think. You're not paying our bills. I told you I've been doing good and I've been doing good I don't [owe] any explanation. So yeah you can just say what you want that's up to you. You're not hurting my feelings any."

Tracie Wagaman in Love After Lockup

This hasn’t been Tracie’s first run-in with the law, and unfortunately, drugs have often been a contributing factor. On Love After Lockup, Tracie served an eight-year prison sentence for a parole violation and fraudulent checks. Following her release, she and Clint got married at a Houston salon and shortly after Tracie’s reserve quickly began to unravel. The night of their wedding, she got high and stole Clint's rental car, phone, and cash, deserting him in a hotel room. After two weeks without contact, Clint received a phone call from Tracie, who revealed she was back in prison for violating her parole. Tracie was ultimately released because of overcrowding, and after an initial quick breakup over the phone, the two reconciled and Clint proposed a second time, imploring her to never leave him for drugs again.

The nature of Tracie’s arrest is unfortunate, especially considering much of the corresponding drama has played out on reality television. However, on Love After Lockup, Clint appeared to truly love and care about her despite the difficulties they faced during their short marriage. Hopefully, he can encourage Tracie to decide to undergo treatment, away from the cameras.

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Source: Reality TV World

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