Louis Leterrier Will Direct Universal's Sci-Fi Tentpole Film 'G'

Clash of the Titans director Louis Leterrier, who only last week was confirmed as the director for the illusionist-themed heist film Now You See Me, is adding another big project to his schedule.

According to a new report, Leterrier will direct a tentpole sci-fi film for Universal, cryptically titled G.

The Hollywood Reporter was the first to publish the news about Leterrier's attachment to the project, which is still rather mysterious. Per THR's report, G is "a sci-fi disaster pic with shades of The Day After Tomorrow and Taken." As a high-concept pitch that sounds kind of interesting, but I'd be very interested to learn more specifics.

The project comes from the mind of Guymon Casady, who will produce the film along with Mark Gordon through the production company Management 360. George Nolfi and Michael Hackett of Gambit Pictures are also named as producers on the film.

Despite the universally-panned Clash of the Titans, Louis Leterrier has proven himself to be a more than capable action director over the course of his relatively short career. Leterrier's entry in the Marvel film universe, The Incredible Hulk, was particularly good, giving Hulk fans the chance to get rid of the bad taste left over from Ang Lee's misguided 2003 Hulk.

A still from the 2008 'The Incredible Hulk' movie.

That being said, I wonder just what G will be about. I certainly hope it's not another alien invasion movie. As Screen Rant's own video editor extraordinaire Mike Eisenberg showed in his alien invasion mash-up, Hollywood is obsessed right now with extraterrestrials taking over our planet. Of course, G could eschew aliens for a more Armageddon like approach. If it does that, is it really a sci-fi film though?

Generally speaking, I'm a Leterrier fan, so I'll take this as a good sign. Until we learn a bit more about the oddly titled film, however, I won't set my sights too high.

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