Louis CK: 'Oh My God' HBO Special Review

Louis C.K. - Oh My God

After a streak of hilarious stand-up specials, including Chewed Up, Shameless, Hilarious and Live at the Beacon Theatre, comedian Louis C.K. returns to the stage with his new HBO special Oh My God recorded in Phoenix, Arizona.

Louis C.K. continues to be a powerhouse of pitch perfect, casual observations about children, dead pets, the human place in the food chain, and all the banalities of life as only the seasoned comedian can deliver in his charmingly bitter and cynical way.

Perhaps what's so maddeningly hilarious about Louis C.K. is that his seemingly bleak outlook on life is both accurate and bittersweet. His musings on a frail old woman with disgusting legs and an equally aged pitiful dog could be depressing in the hands of any other person, but his perception turns them into a hilariously poignant commentary on life after a certain age.

Though crass and vulgar, the practicality with which Louis approaches comedy is refreshing and brings on trains of thought you might otherwise have never followed to logical and amusing results. C.K. takes the time to talk about the perks of being a human, never having to worry about the food chain, going to work and having to evade cheetahs. The fantastical scenario is genuine and approached practically from the mind of Louis, and his everyman sensibility makes it that much more engaging.

Louis C.K. - Oh My God

Continuing his trend of thoughts on animals ("It must be awful to be other kinds of stuff"), he pokes fun at the likes of sharks, seals, sea lions, walruses and more, treating them like nothing more than props and distractions from the depressing reality of mortality, something he never lets us forget about.

Once back on the subject of humanity, C.K. turns the most mundane of activities into a daily struggle, including waking up and making the decision to live another day. The weight he lends to and comedy he squeezes from something as simple as putting on his socks is mind-blowing. It's truly baffling how C.K. has polished this material to where nearly every single thing he says results in a laugh.

C.K. speaks so gleefully about divorce that some couples will probably end up breaking up because of a certain bit. As he so succinctly and eloquently puts it, "Divorce just gets stronger like a piece of oak." And from there he ties the failure of marriage into the success of better parenting, and a skewering of the social media culture and their predilection towards recording and showing everybody all aspects of their lives, especially when witnessing performances and whatnot from their children. The latter material is probably his least original observation, but it's far from being bad.

Louis C.K. - Oh My God

Louis reaches into the darkest, deepest depths of everyone's mind and says all of the messed up stuff that no one usually has the courage to say aloud for fear of being judged; every topic is full of vibrant descriptions from a cynical mind, and it's painfully funny.

For fans of Louis C.K., this will be a walk in the park and more of what you've come to love from the thriving stand-up comic. For people just discovering C.K., it might be a little shocking at first, but his spouting of thoughts, observations and hypothetical situations that most people have thought about - whether they care to admit it or not - are flawless and, most importantly, downright hilarious.


Louis C.K.: Oh My God premiered on April 13th at 10pm exclusively on HBO, and will be made available for purchase through the comedian’s website in a few months.

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