Louis C.K. to Direct, Write & Star in Indie Film 'I'm a Cop'

Louis CK I'm a Real Cop

Louis C.K. has remained one of the top comedians for a while now. Not only is his fan-base large enough to allow him to release his stand-up specials online for a paid download (he has been called the king of direct-to-customer sales), he's what is known as a "comic's comic"—well liked among his peers and known for having close friendships with other comics like Chris Rock and Jerry Seinfeld.

Louis has also done a good job of translating some of his on-stage humor and storytelling to the small screen with Louie, and while the show is more of a low-key success rather than a half-hour powerhouse, it showcases Louis' strong writing, thoughtful directing and solid acting chops. With season 5 of Louie already underway and paired together with FX's comedy The Comedians, Louis is now taking his talents to the big screen with a new cop movie, titled I'm a Cop.

THR reports that Louie C.K. will be writing, directing and starring in the indie film, which tells the story of a depressed volunteer police officer who lives in the shadow of his mother, a decorated officer whose influence after her death forces him to become something he never wanted to be: a real police officer.

Though Louis will be directing an upcoming TV movie called Better Things starring Primetime Emmy-winning actress Pamela Adlon (who co-stars on Louie), his most recent writer/director feature film endeavor was Pootie Tang in 2001 (an experience that ended with Paramount removing him from the movie during post-production).

He spoke recently with THR about what he learned:

"I don't feel like I need anyone to tell me anything with a TV show because I know exactly what I'm doing, but I'd be arrogant to think I can take someone's $8 million and just turn in a movie. Movies are different. There's a permanency to them."

"I was dealing with people every day whose pressures I didn't understand, and I wasn't very nice about how I said no to them. I put myself in a position I didn't have to be in. A lot of what makes this kind of stuff work is empathy."

Whether on stage or on his TV show, Louis C.K. has a very unique and stylish way of turning uncomfortable situations into humorous (an sometimes emotional) entertainment. But more than that, he is someone who values creative freedom and real character development. His writing has remained strong since Louie aired in 2010 (he won a Prime Time Emmy in 2014 for his episode "So Did the Fat Lady"), and his acting has become more respected, recently playing solid roles in David O. Russell's American Hustle and Woody Allen's Blue Jasmine.

Louis CK in American Hustle

But C.K. is right: movies are different. So hopefully he can find a way to translate the storytelling that fans love about Louie to his new cop flick in a way that will solidify him as a writer, director and actor of both TV and film. Of course, timing is interesting: cops have been a extremely sensitive topic of discussion in society, recently. Given his sharp wit and comedic insight, no telling if C.K. will address that social relevancy in his film.

Season 5, Episode 6 of Louie airs Thursday, May 14th on FX. We'll keep you informed about development on I'm a Cop

Source: THR

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