Louis C.K. May Be Able to Release I Love You, Daddy On His Website

It's possible that Louis C.K.'s controversial film I Love You, Daddy could end up on his website, in the wake of the comedian's sexual misconduct.

It's possible that Louis C.K.'s controversial film I Love You, Daddy could end up on his website, in the wake of the comedian's sexual misconduct scandal. As one of the major names to emerge in the wave of sexual misconduct allegations to come out of Hollywood since the Harvey Weinstein scandal broke in October, the allegations made against Louis C.K. were particularly damaging because they broke just ahead of the scheduled release of his new comedy film.

The bombshell New York Times report on November 9 found five women going on the record with accusations against Louis C.K. dating back to 2012. The independent distributor of I Love You, Daddy, The Orchard, cancelled the release of the film a day later (it was scheduled to debut November 17). Not long after that, Louis C.K. issued an apology to women who went on record in the New York Times article and confirmed that the accusations were true.

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Among the biggest questions arising out of the fallout from  Louis C.K.'s admitted behavior since the film's release was shuttered has been whether The Orchard would be saddled with a $5 million loss on its investment to distribute I Love You, Daddy; and whether the film - about a 17-year-old girl (Chloe Grace Moretz) who has an affair with a 68-year-old filmmaker (John Malkovich) with an appalling past - would ever see the light of day.

Now, it appears a pair of possible solutions have emerged, and it's good news for The Orchard. According to THR, The Orchard (a subsidiary of Sony Music Entertainment), which paid $5 million for the rights to the film at the Toronto International Film Festival this fall, may be able return the film to Louis C.K.  Although the independent distributor's Executive VP of  Film and TV Paul Davidson told THR"We are in midst of working through what will happen with the movie with respect to the rights," sources tell the publication that Louis C.K. has agreed to take back the film.

If the rights for I Love You, Daddy, revert to Louis C.K., it's possible that people at some point will still be able to see the film. THR says because of the film's controversial subject matter, Louis C.K. "had a contingency plan to release I Love You, Daddy on his website if a buyer shied away" at the Toronto Film Festival. Now, the publication suggests, running the film on his website may be an option for Louis C.K., should he try attempt to get back into "the entertainment fold without a studio or network middleman."

THR doesn't specify how much The Orchard would recoup, assuming that Louis C.K. ultimately takes the film back. On top of the amount they paid for the rights to the film before the allegations against the writer, director and co-star of the film broke, The Orchard reportedly had already began an expensive awards campaign for the film, and sent out 12,000 screener copies to various groups for awards consideration.

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Source: THR

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