FX Summer Comedies: ‘Louie’ Season 2; Elijah Wood in ‘Wilfred’

FX's Louie & Wilfred

Bolstering a heavy lineup with a little levity, the FX network has announced it will be bringing back the acclaimed Louis C.K. sitcom Louie and paring it with Wilfreda new dark comedy series starring Elijah Wood. The half hour comedies are part of an hour-long block of comedy planned for this summer.

Famed comedian Louis C.K. will begin the sophomore season of his sitcom by continuing to blend elements and excerpts from stand-up routines with the droll imaginings of the world around him. Louie will again bring in Pamela Adlon of Californication fame as a guest star throughout the season. Like the first season, the series will air 13 episodes, many of which will be filmed on location in New York.

While Louie joins returning drama Justified on the 2012 FX schedule, the network plans to debut Wilfred, a dark comedy starring Elijah Wood that is based on an Australian series of the same name.

According to FX President John Landgraf, Wilfred is “really weird and really different and really original and really funny. And it also has heart, which is odd for a show that’s so different.”

How different, you ask? Wilfred is about a young man (Wood) and his imaginary dog, which is seen by him as a man in a dog suit. Co-creator of the original Australian series, Jason Gann, will play the dog—er, man in dog suit.

Gann commented on the differences between the American version and the Wilfred of down under by saying, “I would not have made another version of Wilfred if I didn’t think it could be better. Wilfred has had a Hollywood makeover. He’s had a fur job.”

Wood, meanwhile, is looking forward to working in a new genre: “[It is] a wonderful opportunity to do something different, to work in the realm of comedy and to be challenged in a way that I haven’t before.”

Elijah Wood - Wilfred

While both series have several months before their seasons begin, anticipation is likely to grow as publicity for each show increases. FX is likely to get a surge of acknowledgement for pairing unlikely fare like Wilfred with a proven success like Louie. The block of time the two programs will be sharing may very well become the next ‘must see’ television.


Louie and Wilfred premiere summer 2011, on FX

Source: E! Online, LA Times

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