ABC Developing 'LOST' Spinoff Miniseries ‘LOST: Awakening’ [April Fools!]

[APRIL FOOLS!!!!] Five years the 'LOST' series finale, ABC is reviving the drama series as an event miniseries titled 'LOST: Awakening'.

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UPDATE: APRIL FOOLS!!!! - But would it make sense for ABC to actually do this???


One of the most popular TV series of the last decade, ABC's LOST was a cultural phenomenon - albeit one that came to a very divisive end. Fans remain split on whether the series' eighty-five-plus hours of television was ultimately justified by the show's finale (and its revelations) but there's no question that the series set a new bar for event television in primetime. Armed with mind-bending science fiction concepts, a diverse cast of characters, and a clever storytelling format (character-focused flashbacks), few network TV shows have caused such passionate discussion and debate, as well as criticism.

While some viewers were satisfied by week to week character drama, others tuned in to learn more about the Island's mysterious backstory and larger mythology. Unfortunately, fans hoping for concrete insight into the various mysteries presented in the series were left with many unanswered questions. A DVD exclusive epilogue scene was included in the season 6 home media release but showrunners Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse have been cagey about addressing the show's remaining mysteries - even in casual interviews. However, after nearly seven years off the air, fans of the series may finally get some concrete answers.

Jumping on the recent bandwagon of TV revivals (including Heroes and Twin Peaks, among others), ABC has begun development on a LOST spinoff miniseries titled "LOST: Awakening" - which, according to a press release, will follow the rise of a new threat (maybe a new "Man in Black"?). While details are scarce, the press release indicates that Jorge Garcia and Michael Emerson are signed on to return for (at least) the pilot episode, reprising their roles as Hugo "Hurley" Reyes and Ben Linus, but will be joined by an all new cast of Island residents.

Check out the official synopsis for LOST: Awakening below:

Following the events of LOST, the Island's appointed protector is faced with a dark threat, and calls on a new group of castaways for help.

In the ABC release, Cuse indicated that after some initial trepidation about the idea of returning to LOST, co-creator J.J. Abrams pitched an idea that he simply could not pass up.

"I always said it was inevitable that LOST could continue in some form but wasn't always sure that I'd be part of it. But J.J. came up with a very cool idea and I couldn't resist. It really reignited my passion for the story. We're not ready yet to reveal exactly how Awakening fits into the LOST canon, and I'm well aware that we've got big shoes to fill and a lot of questions to answer. But that's part of why we're doing it. ABC was interested in bringing the show back and we're interested in addressing some of the leftover mysteries and digging deeper into the mythology than we did before. Frankly, a miniseries seemed like the perfect way of doing it."

Interestingly, Cuse's former co-showrunner Lindelof is not mentioned in the press release - and, while it's too early to know for sure, it's likely that Lindelof may not have been quite as smitten with Abrams' story idea or is simply too busy with feature film projects to return for Awakening. Those familiar with the post-LOST season 6 fallout will also remember that Lindelof took fan backlash harder than Cuse - politely voicing his frustration on more than one occasion.

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As a result, it may simply be that Lindelof just isn't interested in stepping back into the spotlight for judgement by the LOST fan community. After all, if Cuse succeeds in delivering a spinoff story that rectifies any lingering sour taste, Lindelof can take comfort in knowing that fans have been given a bit more closure; yet, if Cuse fails, and the miniseries hurts the LOST legacy rather than helps, Lindelof remains safe on the sidelines.

It would be hard to blame him, especially considering the concrete ending depicted in the finale, where it was revealed that everything on the Island happened but the characters' "flashsideways" were a shared purgatory meant to prepare them for the afterlife. Hurley (and Ben's) appearance in the flashsideways made it clear they both died at some point in the post-LOST future - meaning that if they are to appear in Awakening, the miniseries must take place between Jack's demise on the Island but before Hurley's death (and, subsequently, the group's reunion in purgatory).

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Though, given that Jacob protected the island for close to 2,000 years, it's impossible to know (at this point) how far in time the series will jump - especially considering time-travel is also a possibility. Depending on whether or not Hurley moved the island during his tenure as protector, Cuse could present a story that takes place 500 years after the events of LOST in Island time but only a couple years in real-world time.

Regardless of what is to come, assuming the miniseries makes it to air, it's easy to understand why ABC would want to double-dip in LOST - especially with NBC attempting their own revival miniseries with Heroes. Additionally, while bitter fans might be skeptical of whether Cuse can makeup for season 6 with a successful miniseries story, what does the network, co-creator, and viewers really have to lose at this point?

There is no official premiere date set for LOST: Awakening but ABC is targeting a Fall 2016 launch. We'll keep you up to date as we hear more about the miniseries but, in the meantime, you can read the official press release for yourself - HERE.


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