'Lost' Loses Brian K. Vaughan

Just as they're gearing up for a 6th and final season of Lost, it seems that ABC will be doing it without Brian K Vaughan.

Vaughan, whose works include Y: Last the Last Man and Ex Machina, has "left for greener pastures," as executive producer Damon Lindelof put it.

Not sure what could be considered greener than Lost these days, but there ya have it. Vaughan's affect on the scripts could be seen through the edge he had with putting together plot twists.

As it stands, if Vaughan is freeing himself up to work on a new project, whether it be comic book or film or TV, then we just may be seeing some good stuff coming our way soon.

But does Vaughan already have something in the works?

In a blog post from a year ago, he talks about DreamWorks buying a supernatural-comedy screenplay of his called Roundtable and he indicated that he'll be executive producing it.  He also made note that he was writing an adaptation of Runaways for Marvel Studios.

Despite these entries being a year old, these projects are still considered to be in development today.  That's where I believe these "greener pastures" most likely lay.

Which do you think is the stronger lure for Brian?  Comics or TV?  Since Watchmen was his inspiration to write, I'd lean towards his making time to work on his comics. However, with two other film projects on his plate, hey, one needs to pay the bills and have fun doing it.

As always, comments are welcomed from our Screen Rant readers.

Sources:  MTV, BKV TV, Examiner

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