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[Spoiler Warning!!]

As promised, we now have a follow-up to our original Lost spoiler roundup. While some of you were happy with the amount of spoilers included, there were many who complained that there wasn’t anything that spoilerish. So, for this one, I’ve decided to kick it up a notch, searched all over and collected as many Lost spoilers as I could find - and I found some doozies - and put them all for you to read here.

What’s great is not only are there spoilers, but also scenes from upcoming episodes - including the penultimate episode of Lost.


Once again, I’m going to warn you about this possibly the final episodes of Lost for you. It all depends on how you feel about spoilers or finding out information ahead of time – everyone is different.

If you’re still here, great! Read on… and be spoiled.

  • As Ben Linus proved in last night’s episode, some people can be redeemed and you will see the theme of redemption continue until the very end.

  • Richard Alpert: Good or Evil? Nestor Carbonell says, "I don't know. I don't wanna wreck it. It's complicated."

  • The March 23rd episode, entitled “Ab Aeterno” (which is Latin for, “Since the beginning of time.”), will contain some big reveals about the island.

  • The May 4 episode, entitled “Across the Sea” (the last episode before the series finale), will not only reveal even more about the island, but will not include any of the series regulars. Says Michael Emerson, "It's set in a time and place that you will never have seen on a network series before. When was the last time you saw a network drama episode that none of the series regulars were in the episode?"

  • Richard is connected to both Jacob and the Man in Black. During a flashback from the 1800’s, you will see Richard and Jacob having a fight with a “special” knife.

  • Ilana and Richard have met before; at a Russian hospital.

  • Charlie, Daniel, Penny, Jack, Widmore, and Claire will all be featured in Desmond’s alternative timeline. As Desmond once again shares scotch with Widmore, he will have to make a large sacrifice.

  • Michael will show up as a ghost on the island.

  • We will see Walt again - in some form.

  • Claire's son Aaron figures into the end of the show.

  • Cerberus is the name that DHARMA gave for the Monster. (Cerberus is also known in Greek mythology as the multi-headed guard at the gate of Hades.)

  • Ilana will be looking for something and is going to set off a large explosion at the beach camp to try and find it.

  • A new building will be revealed called the constellation tower.

  • Sun and Jin will finally be reunited in the April 27 episode “The Candidate.”

  • Four characters you know will also die in the April 27 episode “The Candidate.”

Scenes from upcoming episodes

Episode 10 - “The Package”Airdate: March 30

Omar was shot in the stomach and Keamy in the shoulder. Jin attacked Mikhail and shot him in the eye.


Episode 11 - “Happily Ever After”Airdate: April 6

In the alternate timeline; While riding in a car with Desmond, Charlie suddenly took the wheel and crashed in the water. Desmond crashed a fundraiser being attended by Eloise Hawking, and demanded to see a guest list to try and find Penny, which Eloise refused to give him.


Episode 13 – “The Last Recruit”Airdate: April 20

Jack and Locke have an important conversation and Sawyer reveals his plan to Jack. Jack asks Claire if she trusts Locke. Locke seems to push Desmond into the well that leads to the frozen wheel. Locke runs off to find Sayid and Sayid claims he shot Desmond.

In the alternate timeline; Jack was at a dentist's office where Bernard worked. Sawyer and Miles were at an emergency room. Ben and Locke were in an ambulance, Sun was in another one. Claire bumps into Desmond, who tells her to see a lawyer. Jack was at an attorney's office with someone who may be his son.


Episode 15 - “Across the Seas” (the penultimate episode)Airdate: May 4

Jacob and MIB (Man in Black) are brothers in the year 23 AD. Claudia tells MIB she is his mother. Another woman tells young Jacob that she killed their mother. Adult Jacob, in 43 AD, went to get firewood and returned to find his village burned to the ground.

With only seven episodes left before the Lost series finale of, there’s not much left out there in terms of spoilers. Although, they are currently filming the finale and there’s no way they can keep everything under wraps. So, If for some reason anything does leak out, I’ll track it down.

Until then, were you happy with this round of spoilers? Or is the show now ruined for you?

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Source: TV Guide, E! Online and Dark UFO

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