Netflix's Lost in Space Cast & Character Guide

The Netflix reboot of Lost in Space brings the classic story into a modern science fiction age, and relies on a stellar cast to do it! Taking the original premise of a family stranded on a strange planet, in a strange corner of space, the Robinson family proves to be exactly what's needed to give humanity - its best parts, anyway - a second chance on a brave new world.

But viewers expecting a story, or cast of characters similar to the original are in for a surprise. Some big changes have been made from the classic version for the Netflix re-imagining, including the skills, personality, and role of the Robinsons (and the other survivors alongside them).

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So to help viewers both old and new keep from getting lost themselves, here is a complete guide to the cast of Netflix's Lost in Space.

The Family Robinson (and Houseguests)

Toby Stephens as John Robinson - The patriarch of the Robinson crew, John is a career soldier who joins the mission to Alpha Centauri in hopes of rebuilding his family unit. Rebuilding his marriage will be a bit more difficult.

Molly Parker as Maureen Robinson - The matriarch of the Robinson, Maureen has taken a firm hold of her children in her husband's absence. She's also effectively the crew's commander, with expertise in physics and engineering (on top of innate super-mom abilities). It might be easier to name the things Maureen doesn't know... we'll start when we find one.

Taylor Russell as Judy Robinson - The oldest of the Robinson children, Judy's training is primarily in medicine. Used to keeping her insecurities or vulnerability under wraps, Judy's affection for her family can be hard to see - but it's always there.

Mina Sundwell as Penny Robinson - The emotional heart of the Robinson clan, Judy is every bit as smart as her sister and parents... but would prefer a classic piece of literature over a battlefield amputation (who wouldn't?). She's also an expert at navigating the stubborn personalities of her parents and sister. Probably explaining her more easygoing disposition.

Maxwell Jenkins as Will Robinson - The youngest of the Robinson family, Will may be more childish or naive than his siblings, but that may be the key to their survival. His value to the mission is harder to discern on paper. But in practice, Will is as close to a normal boy as a mission to Alpha Centauri waylaid on an alien world can probably allow.

The Robot as... Himself? - Introduced as a fellow stranded traveler (who may be in just as much need of a fresh start), the Robot's attachment and devotion to Will Robinson is akin to a life-debt. The mystery of the Robot's alien origins seems like the most important mystery, but his yearning for family soon steals the spotlight.

Parker Posey as June Harris a.k.a. 'Dr. Smith' - It wouldn't be Lost in Space without the saboteur Dr. Smith, but June Harris is infinitely more complicated than in the past. A criminal, a liar, and above all a survivor, June is the most compelling example of what a fresh start can, and can't offer... and what someone will do to get one.

The Other Jupiter Mission Members

Ignacio Serricchio as Don West - Originally playing the role of the pilot of the Robinsons' ship, Don West is a (particularly skilled and fast-talking) grunt ferrying colonists from Earth to their second home. Seemingly more concerned about the shortage of Lagavulin Whisky than alien threats, don't let his sense of humor trick you into underestimating his effectiveness.

Raza Jaffrey as Victor Dhar - The man elected as leader and representative of the Robinsons' group of colonists, Victor's political ambitions outweigh his training in establishing a functioning base on a completely unknown planet (which may be the reason why so many are proud to say they voted for the other guy).

Ajay Friese as Vijay Dhar - The son of the colony's elected representative, being Vijay isn't easy. But assuming he's cut from the same cloth as his father would be a mistake. If you ask Penny, he could be worse to look at.

Sibongile Mlambo as Angela - One of the unfortunate people aboard the Resolute who see the disaster up close, Angela knows that not every threat facing the Jupiter survivors was brought with them.

Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa as Hiroki Watanabe - One of the main members of the Jupiter colonists who shares academic expertise with Maureen Robinson. On an alien world, an expert in exobiology sure comes in handy.

Yukari Komatsu as Naoko Watanabe - Fellow colonist and daughter of Hiroki, though the relations aren't mentioned in the show (Editor's note: this article previously listed Naoko as wife to Hiroki).

Kiki Sukezane as Aiko Watanabe - The daughter of Naoko Watanabe, Aiko's optimism makes even her mother seem dreary.

Other Cast Members (in order of appearance)

Selma Blair as Jessica Harris - The wealthy sister June leaves behind on Earth. Depending on whose story you believe, Jessica had an easier life than her sister. But based on June's actions, it's safe to say some siblings are simply better off following their own paths.

AnnaMaria Demara as Tam Roughneck - Don's friend aboard the Resolute who seeks a safe ride off the ship when the disaster first strikes.

Adam Greydon Reid as Peter Beckert - Another Jupiter colonist who survives to the planet's surface. Seems to trust Victor's perspective.

Iain Belcher as Evan - Another Jupiter colonist who survives to the planet's surface. Seems to trust John's perspective.

Rowan Schlosberg as Connor - Another Jupiter colonist who survives to the planet's surface.

Amelia Burstyn as Diane - Another Jupiter colonist who survives to the planet's surface.

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Lost in Space season 1 is available on Netflix from April 13th, 2018.

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