What To Expect From Lost in Space Season 2

Lost in Space season 2 is currently in development, but when will it release and what can audiences expect from the new season? The Lost in Space franchise is one that's particularly interesting in the entertainment industry, having first debuted during the height of science fiction television in the 1960s - and its story is one that continuously comes up every now and then.

Even though two major remakes have already happened - a movie in 1998 and a TV show in 2004 - Netflix decided it was time to modernize the series themselves, so they created their own Lost in Space TV series in 2018. Interestingly, despite the show's name, the Robinson family in Lost in Space season 1 weren't all too lost, to begin with, as they had multiple other Jupiter ships on the same planet, not to mention the Resolute in the general vicinity in space. But everything changed with season 1's cliffhanger ending that left the Robinsons truly lost in space.

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Netflix's Lost in Space season 1 released in April 2018 and it was quickly renewed for season 2 the following month, but there's been little word on the show ever since. So, when does Lost in Space season 2 release and what can audiences expect from the new season?

Last updated: May 21, 2019

Lost in Space Season 2 Renewal

Lost In Space Cast Netflix

Lost in Space season 2 was ordered by Netflix in May 2018, just one month after the series premiered. Production on Lost in Space season 2 officially began in September later that year, and it's scheduled to wrap sometime in January 2019. Interestingly, Lost in Space season 1 filmed primarily in Vancouver, British Columbia, where the vast majority of TV shows nowadays do their shoots, but Lost in Space season 2 is actually filming in Iceland - perhaps because the Robinson family is no longer on the same planet they were on in the first season.

Lost in Space Season 2 Release Date Info

Lost in Space season 2 doesn't currently have an exact release date, but it should release sometime in late 2019. Lost in Space season 1 originally wrapped production in July 2017 and the series premiered in April 2018 - eight months later. If Lost in Space season 2 follows the same timetable (which it has been, considering both seasons took five months to film), then it's highly likely that Lost in Space season 2 should release in fall 2019. It's been rumored that Lost in Space season 2 will release in November 2019 to coincide with the release of a tie-in novel.

Lost in Space Season 2 Story

Lost in Space season 1 ended on a cliffhanger, with the Robinson family unwittingly being thrown into a new galaxy. As the Robinsons, not to mention their extra passengers (namely Dr. Smith), were approaching the Resolute, the alien engine in their ship, Jupiter 2, went haywire and sent them into a wormhole. They emerged in a new galaxy, presumably the one from where the robot came from, as Will Robinson recalls the galaxy resembling a drawing the robot had done earlier in the season. Lost in Space season 2's story will have the Robinson family exploring that new galaxy as they attempt to reconnect with the Resolute. Furthermore, Lost in Space producers previously hinted at some of the original series' cast appearing in Lost in Space season 2, so that's something audiences can look forward to when the show returns later this year.

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