Lost in Space Season 2 Officially Ordered By Netflix

Netflix officially orders Lost in Space season 2, though it's not clear yet when the new season of the space adventure reboot will premiere.

Danger, Will Robinson! Netflix has officially ordered a second season of its science fiction adventure drama Lost In Space. It seems the Robinson family have even more adventures in store for them.

Netflix rebooted the series from a 1965 show of the same name, which aired for three seasons. Both shows focus on the Robinson family, who are part of a group of colonists setting off to a new planet to start new lives for themselves. But after their ship gets thrown off course, they become lost in space (hence the show's title) and must survive a strange world that is often hostile. The original series actually found inspiration in the book The Swiss Family Robinson, which was about a family shipwrecked on an island. The Netflix series rebooted the story, updating it for modern TV audiences.

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Netflix has officially announced the series' renewal for a second season. Although this is the first official word that the show will continue, Lost in Space's creators were working on season 2 well before this announcement and have teased “some crazy stuff" to come. There was initially some pushback from fans of the original series, but the reboot's creatives won them over by offering a fun adventure that even critics seem to like. They did take some liberties with the original series to create the new one, but overall, it seems that Netflix and the show's audience alike feel those changes worked.

There was also some controversy surrounding the role of Doctor Smith, which was originally played by a man. Parker Posey plays the role in the Lost in Space reboot and it's all part of its idea of updating the series for modern audiences. Again, it seems that the gamble on changing that role worked.

Another thing that Netflix's reboot changes from the original is the look and feel of the robot. The original felt like something right out of the 1960s (because it was), a sort of idealized version of what the show's creators thought robots might look like in the future. The Lost in Space reboot's robot, on the other hand, is a lot more detailed, thanks to modern technology, and fans seemed to have embraced it and its version of "Danger, Will Robinson."

Given all the recent announcements about series cancellations, it's nice to finally get some good news from Netflix. Lost In Space is a solid and fun adventure series and fans can't wait to see what happens to the Robinsons next. May they stay lost for many more seasons to come.

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Lost in Space season 1 is now available for streaming through Netflix. Season 2 doesn't have a premiere date yet.

Source: Netflix

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