Lost in Space Full Trailer: Danger, Will Robinson!

The Lost In Space reboot's first full trailer arrives online. Based on the 1965 series of the same name, the new Netflix venture follows the adventure of the Robinson family - a clan consisting of pioneering space colonists whose Jupiter 2 spaceship veers off course by accidentally stumbling upon a rip in spacetime. This leads to them to crash on an unfamiliar planet without knowing how they can get back on track. Trapped and clueless where they are, the group goes through a series of events where they explore the new territory as they both struggle to both come to terms with their personal issues, as well as find a way to leave the alien place.

Officially announced in 2014 by Legendary Television, the revisiting the galactic series was a slow process. It wasn't until a year after that Netflix picked up the show, another seven months to order a full 10-episode season of Lost In Space. With veteran TV director and upcoming Hellboy helmer, Neill Marshall is set to direct a couple episodes, the project promises a modern retelling of the Irwin Allen creation which was regularly compared to another space series at that time: Star Trek: The Original Series.

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Prior to the trailer's release, Netflix sent out a heads up for its arrival yesterday via a nostalgic announcement featuring a GIF of Will looking to be in trouble. The post was captioned using the show's famous catchphrase: “Danger, Will Robinson!” Now, we get to see what the rebooted series look like in its first full trailer which you can watch above.

Netflix's Lost In Space Series Trailer

The lengthy trailer looks promising, offering the audience a bit of taste of everything that we can expect from the upcoming Netflix series. The wide shots showing the unknown planet's brutal environmental and harsh weather conditions are stunning but frightening the same time, emphasizing the dire circumstances that the Robinsons has to get through in order to survive. Further, the character dynamics appears to be interesting enough that people can get behind the family. Ultimately, viewers' dedication on the show will boil down to how compelling the characters are, and given what we've seen thus far, it seems like Lost In Space is on the right track in that regard. The clip aimed to establish the family's relationship dynamics, highlighting the series family-centric drama with several emotional snippets from the members. Will's (Maxwell Jenkins) interactions with the mysterious robot (which is a contemporary take on the original's G.U.N.T.H.E.R) looks intriguing as well, giving us the impression that more than anyone else, this would be the young boy's story.

Joining Jenkins are Toby Stephens and Molly Parker as the Robinson patriarch and matriarch, while Parker Posey will take on the role of Dr. Smith. All in all, the first trailer for Lost In Space seems to be ticking all the boxes for a potentially successful reboot. Netflix has been growing their original content catalog for quite some time now, reportedly looking to add  700 original titles by the end of the year.  If this modern retelling of the '60s sci-fi series is received-well by their patrons, the company has another potential successful franchise in their hands.

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Lost in Space is set to be available for streaming on Netflix this April 13.

Source: Netflix

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