Netflix's Lost in Space: Cliffhanger Ending Explained

The Alien Engine is The Key To The Show's Story

Depending on which of those outcomes you think more likely, the Robinsons may have a chance at evading capture, or be sitting ducks. It's hard to imagine that the show's writers would send their stars flying directly into certain doom in the finale's final scene. That being said, it's not as if the heroes of the show couldn't find their way out of such a predicament. If that's the case, they're sure going to wish their friendly Robot didn't drift out the airlock before making the jump.

In the case of humanity's escape plan from a dying Earth to a new home in Alpha Centauri, the technology for interstellar travel wasn't within our own grasp. The answer, eventually discovered by Maureen and June aboard the Robot's crashed ship, is that humans relied on one of their alien engines. Attained under mysterious circumstances and covered up with the story of a "Christmas Star" meteor impact, Earth's powers secretly tapped into the power it made possible. Thankfully, Maureen had helped build The Resolute to endure the power the alien engine would unknowingly provide.

The engine helped make one of the biggest changes to Netflix's Lost in Space story possible - that our heroes are part of the 24th group of colonists traversing space thanks to the engine's power. Enough time, it turns out, for them to come back for the technology we stole.

As we mentioned before, there were clues to pick up on even before the show's cast uncovered the truth of their crash. The warping/wormhole effect of the alien engine being overtaken by the aliens who built it (or at least the one tearing its way on board The Resolute, possibly) is seen in the first episode. That effect returns in the finale of the first season for the same purpose: to tear open a hole through the fabric of space, and suck nearby spaceships into it. In the finale, that ship is the Jupiter 2 with the Robinsons and passengers on board.

They may seem to have left the other humans and colonial intrigue behind, but not the driving force of the story. They still have an alien engine tapping itself into their ship's computers, pulling them through space for a reason they don't yet know. One can be assumed, since the entire story has all been about an alien race trying to re-acquire their technology from the humans who stole it. And the biggest questions remain unanswered - and potentially massively important for the fate of the Robinsons.

How exactly did humans get the engine? What was the meteor impact? A meeting between races gone bad? A crashed ship of total coincidence? That's all for fans to speculate on until more of the Lost in Space story can be told.


What do you make of the final scenes of Lost in Space's first season? Have we called out the story beats and lingering mysteries you think most important? Or have we overlooked or misread a detail you think too vital to miss? Let us know your own theories in the comments.

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Lost in Space Season One is now streaming on Netflix.

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