Netflix's Lost in Space: Cliffhanger Ending Explained

WARNING: This article contains SPOILERS for Lost in Space Season 1


The finale episode of Netflix's Lost in Space ends on a serious cliffhanger, which means there is some explaining to do. There's nothing but hope and optimism surrounding the Netflix reboot returning for more seasons, but to tip the odds in their favor, the creators of Lost in Space ended their first season's story on a major twist. Just as the Robinsons seemed to be back on track, an alien engine hurled them through space to a strange new alien solar system. So where are they? And are they stranded for good?

The first season reveals it was no coincidence that a robot - later, THE Robot - attacked The Resolute, sending the entire disaster into motion. And as confusing or mysterious as the revelations surrounding the alien engines may be, the hints were actually there from the start. The first episode of Lost in Space actually begins by putting the biggest mystery and plot device center stage. The reason why most viewers may not have noticed it is because... well, they didn't know to look for it just yet.

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With the first season behind us, let's do our best to see the Lost in Space's Cliffhanger Ending Explained.

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The Robinsons' Final Destination isn't Random

The final scene is guaranteed to delight fans of the original series and the 1998 Lost in Space movie reboot, even though it takes the Robinsons from one solved problem to a brand new one. That's because the status of the cast in the finale's last moments is, more or less, the original premise of the show. A single ship, with the Robinsons, Don West, and Dr. Smith on board... well, completely lost in space. But just because they're lost doesn't mean the audience doesn't have a suspicion about where they've been sent. And going by Will's reaction, he remembers an earlier scene vividly.

The final image the Robinsons are left to gaze upon is a powerful one, both in terms of science fiction and science fact. From the first glance, it may be seen as two planets making contact. In truth, the scene looks to a be contact binary star system, with not one star at its center, but two so close together that they share material (in this case, they overlap so greatly it would be an overcontact binary star. It's a heck of a sight, but really does occur in the universe - the binary star system VFTS-352 can be found in the Tarantula Nebula, which is part of the Large Magellanic Cloud 160,000 light years from Earth.

But what makes this particular star system so important to Lost in Space is that it's been shown in the first season once before.

Yes, that strange group of symbols that Robot drew in the sand - overlapping circles, surrounded by five small dots - seemed important at the time. And as the rest of the Jupiter 2 crew looks upon the system dumbfounded, Will recognizes it immediately, along with the single-word name Robot gave to it: "Danger." The connection is easy to spot when the images are placed side-by-side, and draw attention not to the stars, but the five small planets orbiting them. So, the Robot tried to communicate this location to Will Robinson earlier in the season... what does that have to do with them winding up in this very spot?

That's the question that will propel the second season of Lost in Space, whenever it may arrive. Based on the facts alone, it seems that humanity's theft of an alien engine, the aliens attacking, and that engine auto-piloting the crew to a star system a friendly robot warned against is all connected. Some of the most direct theories are already starting to appear online, suggesting that the planets are the homeworlds of Robot's race (or the homeworld of the aliens who designed them). From there, it's s toss-up of whether the engine's sudden trip through a wormhole is designed to return home, or the result of being called home.

If it's called home, then it's almost certainly the alien engine answering. Which leads to the biggest mystery of the entire first season and series: What is going on with the alien robots?

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