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[Major Spoiler Warning!!!]

UPDATE: Now that the finale has aired, check out our Lost Series Finale Review and Spoilers and share your thoughts and opinions.

With the series finale Lost airing this Sunday, it’s only appropriate to finish off our Lost spoiler posts with a fourth and final piece focused solely on the highly-anticipated series finale. Everyone involved with show has taken a vow of silence in regards to talking about any spoilers from the series finale – even the regular spoiler sources within production have gone quiet.

That being said, after scouring every corner of the Internet for the past six hours, I was able track down some amazing series finale spoilers.

Specifically I found six leaked pages from the script of Lost's series finale episode, entitled "The End". I also found a leaked call sheet that gives a look at what’s going to happen, a slew of spoilers for the sideways timeline (David’s mother revealed) and over 20 production photos from the series finale.

If those aren't enough spoilers to satisfy your Lost finale curiosity, you might want to take a look at some of our previous spoiler posts, as there may be a few more finale spoilers amongst the bunch.

Without further ado, please enjoy the Lost series finale spoilers below.

Leaked Script Pages - End of Act One

Somehow, the Italian website Macchianera was able to get ahold of six pages from the series finale script. Five out of the six pages come from the end of act one (around 30 minutes into the episode) of the finale with the sixth being from an earlier scene with Ben reflecting on how he previously pushed Locke down the well.

Here’s a breakdown of what happens:

(Scene 23)

  • Sawyer tries to rescue Desmond from the bottom of the well, but the well is empty.
  • Ben and UnLocke sneak up on Sawyer. Ben holds Sawyer at gunpoint.
  • UnLocke reveals that he needs Desmond to destroy the island and all of Jacob’s candidates. He also reveals that he has a boat waiting off-shore to escape.
  • Sawyer reveals, to the surprise of UnLocke, that they are no longer candidates.
  • Sawyer wrestles the gun away from Ben and gets away.

(Scene 25)

  • Desmond wakes up in a really nice camp on the island.
  • Rose and Bernard (along with Vincent, the dog) reveal that they not only have they been living on the island the entire time, but that they were the ones to rescue him from the well.
  • Rose and Bernard tell Desmond that after he eats, he has to leave their camp because they have a “we do not get involved” rule in regards to what has been happening on the island, but that a man trapped in a well was an exception.
  • Rose and Bernard are shocked as UnLocke steps out of the woods.
  • UnLocke tells Desmond that unless he goes with him and does everything he wants, he’s going to kill Rose and Bernard and “make it hurt.”
  • Desmond agrees to go with UnLocke.

If you’re a fan of the series, I suggest that you read through the script pages yourself. Not only because I left out little pieces here and there, but because it’s really interesting to see how the show is written and just how many times the creators use swear words to describe things.

You can read the script pages here: Page 1, Page 2, Page 3, Page 4, Page 5, Page 6

Leaked Call Sheet:

Along with the script pages, a call sheet from day 25 of filming (out of 26) was also leaked. Call sheets - while giving the cast and crew the times that they’ll need to be on set - also give a rundown of exactly what scenes will be filmed that day – which means, more spoilers.

Here’s a breakdown of what the call sheet reveals: (keep in mind that scenes from the leaked script pages are scenes 23-25)

(Scene 35) – Inside cavern

  • MIB (as MIB and not Locke) is inside a cave. He falls over the water’s edge and into a sinkhole.

(Scenes 53, 60, 62, 102 & 143) – Inside an alcove on top of a waterfall

  • Jack and Unlocke lower Desmond on a rope.
  • Jack and Unlocke talk about the real John Locke as the rope goes slack.
  • Jack and Unlocke react as the light goes out.
  • Desmond is at the bottom of the waterfall and unties the rope – the waterfall stops.
  • The ground rumbles and it’s time to say goodbye as UnLocke walks out.
  • Jack looks over the edge and pulls up the rope – no Desmond.

(At some point after Hurley and Ben show up)

  • Hurley checks the height of water.
  • Hurley and Ben lower Jack down as the ground rumbles.

(Scenes 143, 145 & 149 and 156 & 157) - Inside a cavern with steam and water

  • Jack finds Desmond unconscious. He puts puts “the rock” over the hole.
  • Jack is described as being “in Hell.”
  • The light returns and water starts to trickle.
  • Ben and Hurley pull on the rope.
  • Jack is in a pond as his nose starts to bleed while Desmond ascends.
  • Ben and Hurley pull up Desmond – Hurley yells for Jack.
  • Jack is consumed by the light and water.

For those interested, you can take a look at the call sheet here. While there aren’t any other spoilers, you can find out some of the other things that occurred on that day of filming, such as filming for the DVD taking place and the announcement that set dressing has many boxes available for those needing them to pack.

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