• Lost left many mysteries unanswered, but a handy epilogue filled some gaps. 1 / 8

  • "The New Man In Charged" revealed the origin of the supply drops. 2 / 8

    Josh Holloway Lost Vertical
  • And Hurley had Ben shut them down. 3 / 8

    hurley lost TLDR vertical
  • Walt was revealed to "belong" on the island, with Hurley taking him back there. 4 / 8

    Michael David Kelley as Walt in Lost vertical
  • The "Hurley bird" was explained as a Dharma genetic mutation experiment. 5 / 8

  • And the bird wasn't calling Hurley's name at all. 6 / 8

    Lost Poster vertical
  • And the Room 23 brainwashing facility was built by Dharma to use on the Others. 7 / 8

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