Lost: Every Unsolved Mystery Explained By The Epilogue

Lost ended without explaining all of its mysteries and secrets but, fortunately, the epilogue managed to explain some of the leftover questions.

Michael Emerson as Ben Linus in Lost Dharma Logo

Lost left plenty of questions unanswered following its series finale in 2010, but an epilogue, "The New Man in Charge," picked up some of the slack. From the minds of J. J. Abrams, Damon Lindelof and Jeffrey Lieber, Lost broke new ground for network television and was characterized by a web of intriguing mysteries spun over the course of 6 seasons. Over time, a lack of long-term planning and an unfortunately-timed writers' strike caused some viewers to lose patience with Lost, as the show's questions continued to pile up. Most frustratingly for viewers, some of the plot points Lost began exploring were never addressed, and while all of the main answers had been provided by the time the final episode's credits rolled, dedicated followers still had a long list of Lost's unresolved storylines.

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To appease these fans, a 12-minute Lost epilogue was released, picking up from the conclusion of the main series and this short film successfully cleared up a few lingering mysteries. As a very self-referential line from the epilogue states, "you can't just leave, we deserve answers!"

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The Supply Drop

Lost Season 2 Cast

Early seasons explored how Lost's Oceanic survivors sourced basic human requirements such as food and shelter but, eventually, the writers had to find a way to resolve these issues and move deeper into the story. Their solution was to have a supply drop randomly appear in the middle of the jungle during season 2. Since the island's whereabouts are impossible to predict and the route in and out must be calculated beforehand, the appearance of these much-needed supplies was a mystery - who was responsible and what was their intention?

"The New Man in Charge" revealed that the drops were being carried out by a unit of the Dharma Initiative based in Guam, who hadn't been told that their colleagues working on the island were all dead. The team were put out of their misery by Ben, working on the direction of Hurley.


Malcolm David Kelley's Walt felt like a pivotal character during Lost season 1. The character exhibited strong psychic powers and appeared as a vision to other survivors trapped on the island. Unfortunately, Walt was written out of the series before any of the enigma surrounding him could be cleared up and the character ended up playing no part of Lost's finale.

Lost's epilogue revisited Walt, reuniting him with the island's new protectors, Hurley and Ben. Although the nature and origin of Walt's powers wasn't elaborated upon, the sequence did reaffirm Walt's importance to the island and Hurley implies that a connection exists between the two. Reprising his role, Jorge Garcia's Hurley offers to take Walt back to the island with him to take on an unspecified role, and Walt gladly accepts. While this doesn't completely explain the mysterious occurrences that followed Walt, it does provide resolution to his story.

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The Hurley Bird

Lost Hy-bird

In one of Lost's stranger moments, an over-sized bird soars over the survivors as they travel through the island's jungle growth and appears to call Hurley's name. While Lost had already accounted for the presence of polar bears on the island as subjects of the Dharma Initiative's experiments, the existence of a mutated bird required a little more explanation.

No such answers were forthcoming, but "The New Man in Charge" included a Pierre Chang-hosted Dharma video that revealed the group's scientists had created genetically modified animals during their time on the island, referred to as "hy-birds." It's strongly suggested that the creature seen in season 1 wasn't actually crying "Hurley" but that its natural call sounded coincidentally similar.

Room 23

Blake Bashoff as Karl in Lost

Lost season 3 revealed that the Others had access to a 1984-like brainwashing room, but the purpose and origin of this wasn't made clear and viewers were left to assume that the facility was used to brainwash those whose faith in Jacob began to slip. However, the Lost epilogue's orientation video claimed that the room was built as a Dharma creation, originally intended for use against the Others when the two groups were at odds. It's assumed that once the Others wiped out the Dharma Initiative, they repurposed the contraption for their own ends.

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