Lost Seasons 1-5 In 5 Minutes (With Dolls)

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Things are certainly gearing up for the sixth and final (or is it?) season of Lost, with promo trailers, posters and photos being released every other day. I don't know if anything will beat The Last Supper image (short of actually showing us brand new footage), but the latest promo gives some welcome comic relief from the ultra-serious promos we've seen so far.

The new promo is part of the official video series "LOST Untangled," which, as of season 5, has helped any confused viewers out there stay in tune with what's going on in the show so far. The videos are made using a mixture of action figures, cardboard cutouts, comic book panels and voiceovers - a bit different of an approach to the recap we posted previously. This particular "Lost Untangled" takes us through everything that's happened in Lost season 1-5.

I think it goes without saying that there are major SPOILERS in the video, and it's only for fans of Lost looking for an entertaining recap of everything in preparation for the sixth season. That being said, check out the video below, courtesy of  The Hollywood Reporter:


Man, watching that video and hearing everything that's happened so far actually being summarized out loud makes it sound like the craziest thing ever. A smoke Monster... the Island disappears... time travel? It's bizarre when you lay it all out (like the scene in season 4 when Hurley explains all the Island events to his mother), but in context it completely works just as much as the character-driven moments.

That's the beauty of Lost in my opinion - no matter how crazy things get, the writers still manage to make it work. And I can only imagine we're going to get more of that in the final season.

Thoughts on the latest "Lost Untangled" recap?

The two-hour season premiere of Lost's sixth and final season airs on Tuesday February 2nd at 9:00pm, on ABC.

Source: THR (thanks to Collider)

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