Lost Season Three Premiere Pushes It

Well the show that is inspiring other TV series to "go mysterious" premiered last night, and far from answering questions, it actually raised even more.

Although I can certainly see the attraction of it, personally, I'm "this close" to dumping this show. I'm starting to get a serious X-Files vibe from it and I don't mean that in a good way. I mean that as in the writers and producers are jerking us around just to see how long they can get away with it until the audience has had enough and stops watching.

Now don't get me wrong... I really enjoy certain types of mysteries, especially when the "reveal" blows me away, but you know what? I have my limits. Twists and turns just for the sake of having them only go so far, and after a while I just don't care. I wrote about this almost 2 years ago, and I'd hate to see my prediction come true.

BTW, spoilers follow.

The show opens with one of the women (her name escapes me) who was with the group whose plane crashed on the other side of the island at home, and soon we see that she's in a meeting of a book club. The assumption is that this is one of those flashbacks from before the flight, and that assumption is correct... except that this idyllic little town is actually ON THE ISLAND, and we get to see the plane break apart in mid-air, and key characters popping out of houses. Among them are the guy who we now know to be the leader of the mysterious bad guys, as well as an infiltrator of the far-side crash group (who is now dead) and the man who kidnapped the pregnant girl.

Immediately the leader dispatches some of the members to go and blend in with the passengers. Now right off the bat this smelled funny to me because from what they showed in the season two finale, the plane crash was an accident, caused by the Australian guy they found when they opened the underground bunker allowing the timer to expire and the electromagnetic whatever-it-is device to start up. So why then did leader-guy act like he expected this and didn't even have to think about what to do for a micro-second?

We then get to see what's happening with Jack, Sawyer and Kate, who are all kept apart from each other. With them all being treated slightly differently and apparently being subjected to some sort of psychological experiments.

Nothing is resolved here, things are even more confusing than ever, and I'm wondering if they will manage to tie all these different threads together into a coherent whole. Here are all the disparate items that somehow have to be tied together as far as I can tell:

- The mysterious smoke creature.

- Some kind of biological weapon that had been developed to exterminate 1/3 of the Earth's population to avoid extinction of the entire human race (which was predicted by that series of numbers that keeps popping up).

- The fact that those numbers also showed up on Hugo's lottery ticket and all the misery that followed.

- How, exactly all these characters are interconnected or why and how they were all brought to the island.

- Some kind of giant creature roaming the forest (which we haven't seen and I'm assuming is not the smoke creature).

- What the point was of the note-taking observers of the button pushers.

- What is the signficance of Walt (Michael's son) and what sort of "powers" does he have?

I'm sure I'm forgetting some, and that's part of my point... there's just too many different/wierd things going on. Is it Sci Fi? Is it supernatural? What the heck IS it?

I mean I think back to that excellent 60's show The Prisoner which had the same sort of odd what-the-heck-is-going-on vibe to it, but that only lasted 17 episodes, which is a reasonable amount of shows to make you wonder and finally dish out a resolution. Problem here is that they have at least three more years scripted for that thing and you know that it will just get more and more confusing.

C'mon guys... throw us a bone or we're likely to head somewhere else.

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