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If you've seen the episode, check out our Lost: Season 6 ‘The Candidate’ Spoilers Discussion

Despite ABC promising to air the final season of Lost uninterrupted, fans are, unsurprisingly, currently waiting two weeks to see the next episode of their favorite series. Considering that Lost fans are not to be trifled with, we here at Screen Rant are trying to appease the masses by providing a glimpse at the May 4 episode, “The Candidate.”

Originally billed as a Jack-centric episode, “The Candidate” will have our favorite Losties making their way to Charles Widmore’s submarine in an attempt to leave the island. Although, they should know by now that leaving the island isn’t going to be as simple as climbing aboard a sub - especially since UnLocke (aka MIB) has found out about Sawyer’s “secret plan.”

With Locke pulling Jack out of the line of fire, the phrase “you’re with me now” takes on a whole new meaning when Jack unwittingly becomes Locke’s new errand boy.

Unfortunately, this means not every Lostie is going to make it to the end of this episode...

Below, we’ve collected some select spoilers and photos from the episode and, just for fun, we threw in a promo and a list of guest stars as well.



Familiar Faces Returning In This Episode:

  • Daniel Faraday/Widmore (Jeremy Davies)
  • Charles Widmore (Alan Dale)
  • Bernard Nadler (Sam Anderson)
  • Andrea Gabriel (Nadia Jazeem)
  • Anthony Cooper (Kevin Tighe)
  • Helen Norwood (Katey Sagal)

Episodic Spoilers:

  • During a shootout with some of Widmore’s men, Kate's arm gets wounded.

  • At least four characters we know will die in this episode.

Episodic Photos:

Lost "The Candidate" Spoilers & More
Lost "The Candidate" Spoilers & More
Lost "The Candidate" Spoilers & More
Lost "The Candidate" Spoilers & More
Lost "The Candidate" Spoilers & More

"The Candidate" Promo

If that's not enough to hold you over for the next couple of weeks, you can always check out our previous Lost spoiler posts, which include all sorts of information on what's to come in the final season of Lost.

What do you think of Lost taking a week off? Are you looking forward to what's to come on May 4? Who will die and who will make it out of the sub alive?

Watch "The Candidate" when Lost returns Tuesday, May 4 @9pm, on ABC

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Lost: Season 6 ‘The Candidate’ Spoilers Discussion

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