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With the season 6 of Lost coming at us quick with a start date of the beginning of February, we can expect to see a ramping up of marketing for the show's epic final season.

Thanks to /Film who found the following clip, we have a new Spanish teaser trailre (with English subtitles) from the TV Network CUATRO who aired this promo for Lost's Final Season yesterday. While not exactly showing new footage for the next season, it does show a lot in very stylistic way. And if you're a follower of the show, you need to watch this.

Continue after the jump to see our favorite Lost characters as pawns on a chessboard.

If you don't get a chance to read all of the words in the clip, I've transcribed them below because I think they're important. As we know, the marketing and the happenings within the show and outside of it are never implemented by accident or without a specific reason.

Watch and enjoy:

Here is what was said:

The Wise Man SaidLife is a ChessboardOf Night and DaysWhere Men Are Pawns of GodMoved Here and ThereGod Allows Them to KillAnd KillsAnd Piece by PieceHe Puts Them Back in the BoxBecause There's a Destiny for Every PieceFor Every PlayerAnd For GodDestiny Will be FulfilledLost: The Final SeasonThe Game Begins & Ends

It sure sounds like the promo is pointing towards Locke's "Man of Faith" mantra as opposed to Jack's "Man of Science" with all this talk of the characters being pawns on a chessboard and that their individual destinies will be fulfilled.

Unlike ABC's touted replacement for Lost, FlashForward, the characters of Lost are incredibly entertaining to watch and each have something so likable about them, even the "villainous" characters.

For this reason, to see the show come to an end with its final set of episodes is bittersweet in that I'm happy the story is being served justly and ending on the terms of the writers/creators, but I'm sad to see one of my favorite shows ever come to a conclusion.

What do you think of this promo and how excited are you to see cast members returning and secondary characters becoming regulars?

Lost Season 6 begins with a three-hour event on Tuesday, February 2, 2010.

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