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There's been quite a lot of promos released over the last little while for season 6 of Lost, although most of them haven't been that long so we haven't posted them all. If you haven't already, check out the killer Spanish language trailer done in the style of a chessboard we posted a few weeks ago.

Today a new minute-long promo for the sixth season of Lost has just surfaced online and we have it hear for all you fans of the show. In my opinion, this one is much improved from some of the ones released before. For those of you looking for some new footage from season 6, you're out of luck as they're continuing to show ZERO footage from it to preserve as much secrecy as possible about what's in store for us all.

The promo again plays up the fact that the show is coming to an end after 6 great years, and hints at something pretty special to leave us on. Anyway, check out the promo below, thanks to DarkUFO:

I'm actually someone who's glad they're not showing us anything new from the final season of Lost (sniff...), simply because I want to go in as blindly as possible the day of the season 6 premiere. Needless to say this is the most important season yet, not just because it's the last one ever (and that's a pretty big reason right there :P ), but it comes after one heck of a game-changing finale at the end of season 5. Those of you who saw it will know what I'm getting at...

I'm marking the days off on my calendar...

Thoughts on the latest promo from Lost's season 6? Are you glad they're not showing us any new footage? Or is that irritating for you?

The season 6 premiere of Lost airs on Tuesday February 2nd at 9:00pm, on ABC.

Source: DarkUFO

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