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Every new day brings us a new set of promo materials for Lost's sixth and final season. This week already we've had a bunch of new international promo trailers, another mysterious "Lost Supper" image (see above) and even a spoof video provided by The Onion.

To round out the week we have some new wallpapers highlighting our favorite long-standing (long-surviving) Lost characters, a new international promo trailer (this time hailing from Italy) and finally another set of character images, featuring one of the great TV villains of recent years, Benjamin Linus.

First up we're going to take a look at the character images of Ben Linus, who is played o so wonderfully by actor Michael Emerson. Emerson took what started as a guest role and transformed it into an Emmy-winning villain for the ages, whose Machiavellian scheming has kept things plenty interesting on The Island for the last few seasons.

Like other character images, these pics of Ben don't reveal too much about what we'll see in the final season, but as always, Emerson finds a way to make them stand out. Have a look:

(Click for larger size)

Is that the hatch Ben is standing over? Hmmmm... we haven't seen too much action from the hatch in awhile... Wonder what mysteries we'll learn about it in this final season. Could it truly be the key to saving the world? And who re-lit the light? Didn't the hatch implode at the end of season 2?

Anyway, moving on, we have some wallpapers featuring our favorite survivors of Oceanic flight 815, plus one of Ben Linus. Here's one of the wallpapers for your viewing pleasure:

Of all the things I'm looking forward to in the final season of Lost, Claire's story is one of the major ones. She's been gone for a long time, only showing up in strange places like Jacob's cabin alongside Jack's dead father. Is Claire in peril? Or has she found some kind of salvation on The Island? Time will tell.

For more Lost character wallpapers, go HERE.

Finally, here's a new Italian promo for Lost season 6. Unlike their American counterparts, the international promos for season 6 have been a lot more creative. See what you think of this one:

That's it for today (and this week) - however, with the premiere date less than two weeks away now, expect more season 6 promos to come hailing down upon us.

Lost the sixth and final season premieres on February 2, @ 9pm on ABC.

Sources: Sky 1 & Dark UFO

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