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Following the amazing "Lost Supper" image promoting the sixth and final season of ABC's Lost comes a couple more pieces of promo material, both courtesy of Lost fan site Dark UFO. The first is a new promo trailer, which is just an extended version of the one we previously posted, but continues to hype up the final season as the huge TV event it will be.

The second piece is a bit more interesting as it offers us a fresh look (a rarity when it comes to how ABC is promoting all this) at the upcoming season in the form of a few photos showing off new series regular, Zuleikha Robinson, aka the mysterious Ilana. Take a look below for both promos.


First up lets take a look at the new promo photos featuring Ilana. She's the mysterious passenger of the Ajira flight the Oceanic 6 (or Oceanic 5 - Claire's baby, Aaron, didn't come back) used to get back to the Island in season 5. We don't really know anything about her except that she's working for Jacob and has some sort of history with the Island. Hell, we don't even know her last name! We first saw her as an innocent enough woman in a bar who hooked up with Sayid, and before we knew it she had him in handcuffs and was transporting him on the Ajira flight. Clearly her motives were not what she said they were...

Here are the three promo photos below (click for bigger versions):

Is there any significance - similar to how some people were speculating with The Lost Supper image - of the skull at Ilana's feet and the fact that she's staring down at it? Could be nothing but I wouldn't put stuff like that past the writers.


If you're a keen fan (and most Lost fans are :) ) then you've probably already seen a lot of this latest promo, since it's just an extended version of the previous one we posted. But as they say - "Extended promos are better than no promos at all." Okay, maybe I'm paraphrasing an old saying... Anyway, take a look:

The sixth and final season of Lost airs on Tuesday, February 2nd at 9:00pm, on ABC. I'm already shaking with excitement!

Source: Dark UFO

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