Lost: Even More Season 6 Pics, Trailers & Parody Videos

Just hold on guys, I swear we're almost there and then this entire unseemly business will be behind us.

Of course I'm talking about the premiere of the sixth and final season of Lost. It is undoubtedly the TV event of 2010 and promotional material for the new season has been flooding the Net at a rabid pace for about a week now - somehow without revealing anything new or of serious intrigue. Typical Lost.

In today's Lost buffet we have more international trailers, yet another "official" trailer (of mashed-up old footage) from ABC, another set of character pics (Kate and Sawyer), a poster in the style of the Spanish "Chessboard" promotional campaign, and finally, another music video parody mocking our shared wish for Lost to find its answers.

That's a lot of stuff to get to, so we better get started.

Up first (for the ladies and the gents), are a set of new character stills, this time featuring the ladies favorite bad-boy con artist, Sawyer (Josh Holloway), along with his hot-cold lover, Kate (Evangeline Lilly):

Click for larger versions:

One of the best Lost Season 6 promo trailers to date was the Spanish chessboard trailer that we got back in November. Today we have a new poster from that same TV network, CUATRO, which aired the chessboard ad out. Have a look:

Click for a larger version

Moving on, we have two new Lost season 6 trailers - one is another lame promo released by ABC, the other is a crazy Russian trailer (for which I have a translation). Check them out:

And now the translation of all that Russsian, courtesy of Dark UFO:

Translation:We spent 5 years with them. We met with them more often than with some our friends.

Let's do it quietly,Let's do it in undertone,Let's say sweet good-bye.One week, another, and we'll calm down.What's done is done and gone.

Of course, this is awful, absurd and pointlessOh, I wish I could turn back time.

You can't turn back time, it's impossibleAnd don't think about it, forget it.

The last chance to meet them. Like the first time.

LOST. The final season. Premiering on February 7nd 2010.

Only in Russia.

Last but not least, here's a parody video done by YouTube users "The Fine Brothers," mocking the incessant fan demand for answers in the final season of the show:


Ok... I'm going to go ahead and admit that I am sick of rounding up all these blasted promo materials! This rodeo has already broken our own Ross Miller - a self-confessed Lost fanatic - and I'm on the way to the funny farm to join him!

Let's get on with the final season already!

Lost begins its final season on February 2nd @ 9pm on ABC.

Sources: Dark UFO, ODI, YouTube, 1 TV

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