Lost: Richard Alpert's Past Revealed On Tonight's Episode!

Will tonight's Richard Alpert-focused episode of 'Lost' reveal some of the biggest answers of the series? Or have fans been tricked once again?

Tonight’s episode of Lost may very well be the most revealing episode not only of the season, but of the entire series. Entitled “Ab Aeterno” (Latin for “since the beginning of time”), the episode is described by ABC with six words: “Richard Alpert faces a difficult choice.”

While that is anything but revealing, everyone references tonight’s episode as THE one to watch if you’re looking for answers. And if you’re a fan of Lost, answers are what you’ve been looking for all along.

Since I’d rather not have the wrath of angry Lost fans rain down upon me, I shall leave this piece SPOILER FREE. (Even though I’m not going to tell you specifics, I will talk in general about some of things that will be touched upon.)

“Ab Aeterno” is being touted as a Richard-centric episode, which will not only tell us the backstory of our seemingly-immortal friend, but also provide answers to some of the biggest questions of the series; for example, what is the island?

If that’s not enough, we’ll also find out why Ilana is so interested in protecting "the candidates." With an appearance from the original MIB, things should become interesting as a familiar slave ship comes into play and we get a glimpse at a familiar knife.

What is Richard’s difficult decision? I don’t know. Well, that’s not true. I’m almost 90% sure I know, but I’m 100% sure that if I told you, you’d be angry.

Considering the episode has yet to air and executive producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse have stayed quiet (because they're finishing up the series finale), there’s only one person who we can turn to for info on tonight's episode. That’s right, Richard Alpert himself, Nestor Carbonell.

“Now that I've shot Ab Aberto, essentially, it's my back story. How much do I really know or think that I know of my character? I like to think I know 90%, but knowing the show and the twists and turns it takes, I'll probably be safer to say that I probably know about 40%. I know that sounds crazy to say, but they take you on such an amazing, wild, ride, you don't know what to expect on the show.”

You know, I think I’m alright with 90%. To be honest, I’ll happily take 40% because for so many years fans have been stuck at 0%.

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If, for some reason, you can’t wait until tonight, or you’re generally curious about what’s going to happen, you can check out our previous Lost spoilers posts (you’ve been warned): Lost: Final Season Spoiler Roundup and More ‘Lost’ Season 6 Spoilers; Upcoming Scenes Revealed.

(Make sure to return to Screen Rant after tonight's episode for an “Ab Aeterno” Spoilers Discussion where you can talk about everything that was revealed!)

Are you excited for tonight’s "Richard-centric" episode of Lost? What answers are you most looking forward to? Is there any way “Ab Aeterno” won’t be great? How old do you think Richard really is?

You MUST tune into Lost tonight @9pm on ABC.

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