Lost: Season 6 'What They Died For' Spoilers Discussion

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Tonight, we have reached a Lost episodic milestone. With the penultimate episode of the series behind us, all that there is left is Sunday’s series finale. That means, by next Monday, all of your Lost questions will have been answered – hopefully.

Sadly, Sunday is still quite a few days away and this post isn’t for talking about what will (or won’t) be in the series finale, but for talking about everything that happened in “What They Died For.”

As UnLocke’s plans to escape the island are becoming clearer, Jack, Kate all the rest of the Losties have vowed to stop him – no matter what. Luckily, the one person that everyone needs and is looking for, Desmond, has been stuck at the bottom of a well for the past few episodes.

As Ben gets punch in the sideways world, almost all of the the Losties of that world are now remember what happened on the island – but what does that mean?

Don’t forget the showdown between Widmore and UnLocke as they finally come face to face. With no sound barriers around, Widmore is left to wheel and deal with islands darkest inhabitant.

If you’re posting comments here, assume that anyone in the conversation has seen the episode – if you haven’t seen the episode, I would recommend you don’t read these comments here until you have. You’ve been warned.

Discuss away!

(If you're unable to wait until Sunday, or are just curious about what's going to happen, check out our Lost series finale spoilers post: Lost Series Finale Spoilers: Script, Set Photos & More)

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