Lost Season 5 Finale Review & Discussion

I wish I had a pet Smoke Monster!

If any of this is right, it’s starting to make sense! I really need to re-watch everything from the beginning of season 3 onward.

This is just barely scratching the surface – there is so much more in the episode and infinitely more online about this that I’ve just started to read. If you’re a hardcore lost fan, you’ll have plenty of reading to keep you busy during the long wait till season 6.


The finale concluded with a bang (literally). In the 2007 timeline, we witnessed Ben kill Jacob with a knife on behalf of who we thought was Locke, but really was Esau. And in the 1977 timeline, a should-be-very-dead Juliet set off the hydrogen bomb by hitting it with a rock. Since she seems to be immortal, she probably walked away from that blast with no issue.

Jacob dies without a fight at the end, seemingly unworried. My guess is that he knows about the bomb going off in the past that will reset everything, but I’m guessing not in the way Jack hoped it would. One theory out there is that Faraday’s plan (now Jack’s) to use the bomb to prevent everything that happened is actually to ensure everything happens again. The course of events did seem to re-occur as they should with Dr. Chang losing his hand, Radzinsky living to push the button in the hatch and Jacob’s dying words saying “they’re coming” possibly in reference to the Losties returning to their proper time after the white flash from the bomb.

Here’s a twist: what if Jacob was intentionally changing things on his own. We saw him give the pen to young Sawyer which caused him to continue writing his letter and therefore get caught by a family member which leads to him promising not too write the note, possibly dropping his personal vendetta against the real Sawyer. We also saw Jacob convince young Kate to not steal again. Could that be Jacob changing everything for his disciples or was that what happened before anyway? ("What happened happened.")

I wish I could say more, but so much happened that I’m starting to forget many of the scenes. I will definitely be re-watching the finale later this week to help take it all in.

So, what did you think of the finale and the good vs. evil religious themes? What about Jacob? How do you think next season will start?

Some Discussion Points

  • We see the old sailing ship, the Black Rock, in the intro and it is revealed that Jacob brought them there. Will we see how the ship got to the center of the island or how Jacob brought them there?
  • How does Jacob leave the island and keep coming back?
  • Did Jacob let himself die, knowing that the bomb would change things in the altered 1977 timeline?
  • Who was Jacob referring to when he said "they're coming"?
  • Will Jacob and Esau's history be explored and to see how they get their immortality and powers and how old are they?
  • Who built the statue and temples and how old is it?
  • What are Jacob’s lists for and what were the others doing with Walt and the children back in season 1/2?
  • If Ben didn’t really see Jacob in the cabin back in season 3, who called out “Help me” to John and what made the cabin go nuts in that scene?
  • What’s with Christian Shephard and why was he the one to tell John to move the island?
  • How did Juliet survive the fall?
  • Why did some survivors of the second plane crash land in 1977, others in 2007?
  • Who are the folks who brought Locke’s body to Richard?
  • If all Esau needed was a someone else to kill Jacob, why are all these other survivors involved? Why can't they kill each other?
  • Will the Smoke Monster's origin be explained?
  • Is Esau the Smoke Monster or does the Smoke Monster protect Esau? Or is it neither?

Source: Lostpedia

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