Lost Season 4 Preview Plus: 3 Seasons In 8 Minutes!

All right... now THIS is the way to watch ABC's Lost.

Over at the official website for the show they're running an eight minute clip before the trailer for the Lost season 4 premiere that summarizes all the major plot points of the last three years.

While the trailer for season 4 does look interesting and cool, I am not looking forward to the teaspoon-sized portions of plot development every episode that we are no doubt going to be getting. If the show was going to conclude in season 4 I'd be really excited about it, but the prospect of this being dragged out for another three years is really annoying.

This is actually a great way for people who haven't seen the show to catch up and a refresher for those of us who have watched Lost for the entire run but don't remember all the myriad twists and turns that have happened over the last three years.

If you recall, last season ended with Jack contacting the ship that was offshore although all indications are that it is not there to rescue them at all. The trailer for season 4 also hints that during the two hour premiere someone will die and that some of the people on the island will be getting off of it.

To see all this head on over to the official Lost site.

Lost returns on Thursday, January 31st.

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