Lost Showrunner Would Be OK With A Reboot If It Features New Characters

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Lost showrunner Carlton Cuse says he would be fine with ABC developing a reboot of the hit series if the show were to focus on a new story with new characters, rather than return to the core group featured in the original series.

Created by J.J. Abrams, Damon Lindelof, and Jeffrey Lieber, Lost ran for six seasons on ABC and told the story of a group of plane crash survivors stranded on a strange island filled with mysteries and danger. Lost was a massive success for ABC and during its run was easily one of the most popular shows on TV. The series received numerous awards and was well-received by critics. Several shows with a similar formula have been produced in the years that followed, which is evidence of Lost's impact on TV.

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In an interview with THR about his new project, Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan TV series, Carlton Cuse discussed the idea of a Lost reboot and said that if it were to happen, he wouldn't want to be involved. However, Cuse would be open to ABC hiring someone else to develop the show if they were to focus on new characters.


Damon [Lindelof] and I have always been adamant that we told the story that we wanted to tell. I would be fine if ABC hired somebody who 
had a good idea [to reboot it] involving other characters that go to the island at some other point 
in time. I would be less excited if they wanted to use the characters that we had in our show.

Cuse seems to share the same opinion on the matter as Lindelof, who said last year that a Lost reboot shouldn't use the characters from the original. With reboots of popular shows becoming a growing trend in TV, Lost is one series that is consistently brought up as a possible option, but so far there's been no indication that ABC has any intention of revisiting it. ABC President Channing Dungey said earlier this year that no "official discussions" have taken place about a potential Lost reboot.

While at this point a new Lost series doesn't seem to be in the cards, it could happen at some point down the line, but what direction it would take is unclear. One problem with a Lost reboot is that the original series focused on mysteries of the island, which were explored - and solved - by the end of the series.

Even if some fans weren't happy with how it ended, Lost wrapped up its loose ends and explained its mysteries. While not every character left the island and could be featured in the reboot, what was left of the core group have left the island behind them. With that in mind, creating a new cast of characters seems like the best way to handle a possible reboot.

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Source: THR

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