Lost: Final Count of the Mysteries & Answers

Lost final questions and answers count

It's been three months since ABC's Lost came to an emotional close and a plethora of "Losties" from all over the world had to figure out what they were going to do with their lives (some people were that serious about the show).

But wait a minute, Lost season 6 arrives on DVD and Blu-ray today! That means fans can officially revisit the whole series from start to finish.

One devoted Lost fan, "Mark" over at Dark UFO, has already been over and over all the episodes of the show, meticulously noting down all the questions raised and tallying up exactly how many of them were answered. Just think for a minute how much work that is...

The resulting document is over 70 pages long (!) but if you don't want to read it and just want to know how many questions and mysteries there were and how many of those were answered, then here's a basic rundown of all six seasons:

*Note - these include the answers given in "The New Man in Charge" epilogue.

  • Season 1 has 80 total mysteries, 6 unanswered mysteries
  • Season 2 has 106 total mysteries, 17 unanswered mysteries
  • Season 3 has 101 total mysteries, 16 unanswered mysteries
  • Season 4 has 135 total mysteries, 28 unanswered mysteries
  • Season 5 has 148 total mysteries, 38 unanswered mysteries
  • Season 6 has 93 total mysteries, 22 unanswered mysteries
  • Total mysteries: 663 total mysteries, 536 answered mysteries, and 127 unanswered mysteries.

However, if you want to know exactly when, where and how the various questions and mysteries were answered then check out the extensive document below:

[Update: Unfortunately, the creator has since deleted the video explanation.]

Now remember, this is the work of one person so there will probably be things in there that other people might interpret differently. But as far as I can see, this is an absolutely fantastic job of calculating all the mysteries Lost had and relaying just how many were left unanswered.

Speaking of which, as it it turns out more questions were answered and mysteries solved than a lot of people thought. All us fans endured six seasons of "Lost-skeptics" claiming that the show was raising more questions than it was bothering to answer. Well, looking at the above statistics there were only 127 unanswered questions of the 663 total mysteries - that's less than 20%. For a show as expansive and complex as Lost, I'd say that's pretty damn satisfying.

Lost question and answers count

I never expected Lost to answer every single question because in the grand scheme of things some questions didn't really matter. The writers answered enough of the big stuff - particularly in season 6 (how the Black Rock ended up in the middle of the Island, what happened to the rest of the four-toed statue, how Richard became ageless, what the Smoke Monster was etc.) - that I personally felt satisfied. This allowed me to get a heck of a lot out of the character-focused finale they ultimately went with.

However, I know not everyone agrees with me and for those people 127 unanswered questions is just too big of a number to ignore. Which type of Lost viewer are you: satisfied or frustrated?

If you're part of the "they didn't answer enough questions" group, then make sure to check out our own Kofi Outlaw's Lost explanation post if you haven't already.

You can buy Lost season 6 and the complete collection on DVD and Blu-ray from today.

Source: Dark UFO (reader "Mark")

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