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The premiere date for the sixth and final season of Lost is fast approaching, with just over a couple of weeks to go before the suspense is over (we've been waiting since last May to find out what happened after The Incident!). We're a big fan of the show here at Screen Rant (I know I am, anyway) and I know we're not alone. We have a new "Lost Supper" image, some new promo images featuring the characters of Jin and Richard, and a really cool Israeli trailer for your viewing pleasure.


First up lets take a look at the newest set of promo images that have appeared online for Lost. The first is a new "Lost Supper" image to add to the two we already saw. If you were disappointed by the previous two images because they didn't give anything away then fear not, as this one may provide some clues as to what we can expect from the sixth season. Check it out, courtesy of SL-Lost and Dark UFO (click for much larger version):


lost series finale explanations

What can we see in the image? Well, first off Locke is the only one not looking at someone else, once again hinting that he's important (or in control?). Jack seems to be happy or at least content whilst looking at Locke (will he be on his side next season?). Does Jin and Sun grouped together mean that they will finally be reunited? Frank seems like he knows something is going on, Ben seems very concerned about that and both Miles and Hurley are curious as to what it is. Sawyer seems to be staring at Sayid suspiciously, while Sayid is offering a bowl to Kate - but Kate seems more preoccupied with either Richard and Claire or Ilana, who seems to be looking at Locke. Richard is pouring wine for Claire, making it seem like there's some sort of relationship or connection there (could it mean that since Claire has been MIA for a full season that Richard considers her one of his people and thus he's protective of her now?). Are there any other conclusions you're drawing from this pic?

The rest of the promo pics feature two more of the final season's cast, the mysterious Richard Alpert and one of the longest-standing characters, Jin Kwon. Again, like the others promo photos of  Miles and Frank, these picsz don't give anything away but as always they're cool to see nonetheless. Here are a couple shots of Jin and Richard, courtesy of Dark UFO (click for bigger versions):

You can view the rest of the Richard and Jin promo pics HERE and HERE.

I'm sorry to Jin - I want to see more of you, I want to see you reunited with Sun, you're a great character and all that, but those pics of Richard just get me more excited to see his story in the final season. I have a feeling he's going to be a VERY important piece of the puzzle in terms of how the show ends and Nestor Carbonell is such an interesting actor to watch that I can't wait to see his part in the culmination of the show.


Last up we have a new Israeli promo trailer for Lost that's in the vein of the Spanish-language chessboard one we posted awhile back. This new ad makes clever use of the missing persons flyers you see on streetlights and such, featuring each of the main character's faces. It's very cool, check it out below:

All I have to say is ABC needs to get their butts in gear and bring that Israeli trailer - as well as the chessboard one - to U.S. and UK screens. I think that sort of thing makes for a much more intriguing promo than the standard ones we get all the time.

What do you make of the latest set of promo pics and the trailer for Lost's season 6?

The sixth and final season of Lost airs on Tuesday February 2nd at 9:00pm, on ABC.

Sources: Dark UFO, SL-Lost, seat42f and ABC

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