Lost: New Promo Images & Funny "Leaked" Video

Lost final questions and answers count

Another day, another set of Lost season 6 promos...

Today's promos for the sixth and final season are a couple  more sets of promo images featuring the characters of Miles and Frank, and the other is a very funny "leaked" video that supposedly takes place after an interview about the show with the writers.


As stated, the new promos images we have are of Miles and Frank, who are two of  the "freighter characters" that first appeared in season 4 but have become series regulars since season 5.

Like the Ilana pics we posted, these photos don't give away anything about what's going to happen in the new season, but nonetheless they're always good to see. Take a look at a couple of each (click for bigger versions):

For the rest of the promo images you can head HERE and HERE.

I really like that both Miles and Frank have become series regulars going into the final season. They're great characters that are really well written, with the two of them in particular bringing some welcome comic relief to the show. Miles is like a less-intimidating version of Sawyer (with his nickname-giving and general sarcasm), while Frank seems to be like another Hurley, adept at saying what the audience is thinking ("In my experience, the people who go out of their way to tell you they're the good guys are the bad guys.").

I'm not so thrilled about Ilana becoming a regular, however, since there are other characters I'd rather concentrate on (like Richard Alpert (Nestor Carbonell), for instance, who has also become a series regular). Although that may just be because she's the newest character and I'm sure the writers will make her character likable eventually :) .


A video has been released courtesy of Sky One, which has a lot of fun with the expectations fans have for the sixth season to produce answers. It's done in candid-camera style ("The cameras are off, right?") and features writers and exec producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse  giving away the "answer" to one of the big questions of the entire show - Who are the Adam & Eve skeletons in the cave? They also let us in on how we can find out what the last word spoken on Lost will be. Take a look, thanks to Dark UFO:

I really hope you deduced that this video doesn't really give us answers and that you're not nursing a sense of crushing disappointment...

It's fun when these little teasers get released as it gives a great counter-point to the more serious stuff that can be found in other Lost promos. At least the writers have their humor caps on along with their serious and intelligent ones. That mix really comes across in the actual show.

Thoughts on this latest set of Lost season 6 promos? Are you someone who's been a fan throughout the ups and downs of the seasons (like me)? Or are you just continuing to watch in hope of answers?

The sixth and final season of Lost will air on Tuesday February 2nd at 9:00pm, on ABC.

Sources: Dark UFO, Sky One, seat42f, Lost-Media

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