Lost Producers Apologize to Evangeline Lilly for Uncomfortable Nude Scene

Evangeline Lilly as Kate on Lost

The producers of ABC's Lost have issued a statement apologizing to Evangeline Lilly for the uncomfortable experiences she had while filming the show. Their statement came out after Lilly recently expressed her discomfort about having to film nude scenes during her time on Lost.

Lilly played the role of Kate Austen, who was a fugitive and wanted for the murder of her abusive father. After she was captured by United States Marshal Edward Mars, the two of them boarded Oceanic Flight 815 which as all fans of the show know, crashed on the Island. While Jack was seen as the leader of the survivors for most of the series, Kate was very resourceful and quick-witted which made her become a leader in her own right. While she had qualities of a leader, she was often just seen as a love interest of both Jack and Sawyer. This love triangle led to the uncomfortable scenes that Lilly felt pressured into doing, saying that she felt "cornered" and was left "mortified" and "trembling". J.J. Abrams and the other Lost producers have since responded to Lilly's claims.

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After Lilly expressed her discomfort on an episode of The LOST Boys podcast, the producers of Lost issued a statement to Entertainment Tonight regarding the situation. Their statement states, "Our response to Evie’s comments in the media was to immediately reach out to her to profoundly apologize for the experience she detailed while working on Lost. We have not yet connected with her, but remain deeply and sincerely sorry. No person should ever feel unsafe at work. Period.".

Evangeline Lilly as Kate Austen in Lost

Several actresses have come out as of late describing horrible on-set situations they had to endure, much like Lilly. Many victims have stepped into the spotlight, which has sparked the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements. While its troubling that this many people have been abused by authoritative figures, it's reassuring that Hollywood seems to be taking the matter seriously and taking action against offenders.

Many fan-favorite shows have been getting a TV revival as of late and while nothing has been confirmed for a Lost reboot, fans of the show continue to ask about one. Lilly has previously said that she was not really supportive of reboots and remakes, which made it sound like a Lost revival wouldn't be happening anytime soon. In light of her speaking out about her experience on the show, the odds of her returning to the role of Kate seem even more unlikely. While the producers have spoken out and given their sympathies to Lilly, it makes the situation no less troubling. This incident has possibly damaged the likelihood of a Lost revival, but fans of Lilly can still see her up on the big screen, as her film Ant-Man and the Wasp is currently in theaters.

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Source: Entertainment Tonight

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