Lost Final Season Panel: Comic-Con 2009

The panel opened with a commercial for a website called, followed by what was supposed to be an ad for an old 1980s TV show called Mysteries of the Universe: The Dharma Initiative.

Then they had a bunch of fan videos, starting out with showing people having Lost parties - but then they had some mashups that were great, including showing Jack and Sawyer as the romantic couple on the show, Jack waiting for X-Box support on the phone, a toy Hurley shooting a bunch of toy baseball players wearing the ubiquitous numbers. Great stuff.

Producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse were on hand and they said that we'll be seeing characters that we haven't seen since the first season.

During the Q&A a very funny fan came up and unveiled a velvet painting with Damon, Carlton and a polar bear.

Faraday will reappear on the show next season.

Time travel season is over, flash forward is over - of course wouldn't comment on what the theme of next season would be.

Jorge Garcia (Hugo) showed up in the question line. He asked if the bomb at the end of last season did really reset things because that would mean that the last 5 years never happened and that would be, like, a cheat. :)

Then Michael Emerson (Ben) showed up next to him and it was very funny with Michael grilling Jorge about asking too many questions. He was really razzing him and it was hysterical. Jorge said that Michael really wanted to play Hurley and he was mad about that. :)

We will finally get Richard's backstory this season.

Elizabeth Mitchell (Juliet) will be in the final season.

Comedian "Bob Stencil" showed up as he did last year. They expected him and gave him a special Bob Stencil/Dharma t-shirt.

They then had a backstage video with Nestor Carbonell (Richard Alpert) supposedly catching him unaware on camera as he was acting like a diva actor.

Josh Holloway (Sawyer) showed up. He fake tasered Damon Lindelof to try to get the final page of the final episode of the script from them. Michael grabbed the page, started reading it and it was about Sylar and Parkman and a collapsing, flaming circus tent.

They then showed an "In Memoriam" video showing every major character who has died during the course of the series - I'd actually forgotten about some of them (like Mr. Eko).

Every year (and this is of course, the last) the Lost panel divulges almost nothing but the producers really go out of their way to entertain the heck out of the fans - this year was no exception.

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