Lost News: New Promos, Disney Attraction & (No) Premiere Delay

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Today we have a whole bunch of Lost items for you fans of the Island and its endless mysteries.

We have a couple of new promos for the show (one of which is another Hurley "Mr. Cluck's Chicken Shack" ad that first appeared at Comic-Con last year); some news of a possible Lost Disneyland attraction (it was only a matter of time...); and finally, word that the set premiere date may now be in doubt because of President Obama's State of the Union Address.

Read on for the details.

First up let's get the new promo ads for the sixth and final season of Lost out of the way. Perhaps "new" is a bit misleading for those hungry for any new footage  - one of the promos is just footage from seasons 1-5 rearranged and put to a voice-over, while the other is another Mr. Cluck's ad (the first of which was seen at Comic-Con last summer) featuring Hurley as the owner and CEO of the company, hinting at the possibility that flight 815 never crashed. So I guess you could say that ABC has released fresh footage to promote the upcoming season...but not really.

Here are the two promos below, courtesy of Dark UFO and /Film:


Moving on from the promos, we have word that a petition has been set up online for Disney to make a Disneyland attraction out of Lost. It seems some people (and I'd be one of them, if I had that sort of motivation :P ) can't handle the thought of their favorite mystery show ending this year and so they want it to live on in any form, even if that means a theme park attraction.

(SPOILERS ahead for anyone not up-to-date with seasons 1-5)

The fans who have set up the petition have even made an effort to come up with some Island settings the attraction could take the form of. Here they are:

  • The Frozen Donkey Wheel behind the Orchid Station testing chamber.
  • The Swan station and Hatch ride
  • A submarine ride to Palu Ferry.
  • Dharmaville Barracks.
  • Smoke monster
  • Ruins
  • Jacob's Cabin
  • The Egyptian Statue and Jacob's Lair

YOU could be standing where Ben is.

I've never been to Disneyland, but a Lost attraction almost makes me want to go (almost). As weird of an idea as it is, Disney is, after all, the parent company of ABC and the show is so psychotically popular that I think a Lost ride would be a real success. It's something that will guarantee the show lives on past its conclusion, at the very least. If you like the idea, you can sign the petition HERE.


Finally, we come to the disheartening news that President Obama's State of the Union Address may derail Lost's season premiere. Why? Well, a source claims they're considering two dates for the SOTU Address: January 26th and February 2nd. The latter directly conflicts with Lost's season premiere, while January 26th would clash with the American Idol premiere.

Now I know which show most people reading this will care about more (I least I hope you care more about Lost!), and I'm definitely in that camp. I honestly couldn't care less about American Idol and I've been waiting six years to find out what happens at the end of Lost - I don't feel like waiting any longer!

However, don't be too alarmed yet (I'm going to take my own advice on that one) as nothing is set in stone, and the White House will probably choose an entirely different date that doesn't clash with either Lost or American Idol. Let's all just hope that turns out to be the case (fingers crossed!).

[UPDATE: Finger crossing worked, the President's speech will not interfere with Lost according to showrunner Damon Lindelof.]

So there's you latest Lost update for the time being. Thoughts on the new promos? Would you like to see a Lost Disneyland attraction? And what are your feelings on the possible delay of the season 6 premiere because of the State of Union Address?

The sixth and final season of Lost (hopefully) premieres on February 2nd at 9:00pm, on ABC.

Sources: Dark UFO, /Film, Yahoo and TheWrap (for the fan image)

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