Lost: 10 Most Hated Supporting Characters

The overall plot of Lost was a bit of a mess, and it wasn't helped by these 10 fan-despised supporting characters. Seriously, why?

Lost is generally considered one of the greatest shows of all time, bar maybe that disappointing finale. That said, even the greatest TV shows aren't without sin, and, in the case of Lost, it came in the form of some dreadful supporting characters.

Now, we don't mean that these characters are hated through a story perspective like Ben or Charles Widmore. No, we mean these supporting characters were poorly received from the fanbase for being boring or pointless. Not everyone can be Locke and Sawyer, you know! These are the ten most hated supporting characters in Lost.

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10 Nikki And Paulo

Nikki and Paulo Lost

We're counting Nikki and Paulo together because everyone else does! Nikki and Paulo are infamous characters in the Lost canon, and for good reason. They literally came out of nowhere, as Lindelof and Cuse wanted to introduce more background characters into the main story. This, combined with their dull personalities and general lack of charisma, did not go over well with the audience. After some fierce resistance from the fanbase, Nikki and Paulo were quickly written off the show in an attempt to course-correct. Luckily, it worked.

9 Ana Lucia

Michelle Rodriguez as Ana Lucia Cortez in Lost

Ana Lucia played a major role throughout season two, and fans were not happy. The reception to Ana Lucia was immediately hostile due to her abrasive personality and Michelle Rodriguez's one-note acting, which many fans quickly grew sick of. She also had a painfully cliche and boring backstory that absolutely no one was interested in. To top it off, the show attempted to rouse pathos and sympathy out of Ana Lucia after she killed Shannon. However, fans weren't having any of it and were glad when she finally met her end near the end of season two.

8 Shannon

While we're at it, let's discuss Shannon herself. Shannon was easily one of the most hated characters of season one, not necessarily because she was an evil character, but because the character herself was rather boring and one-dimensional.

If Shannon sneezed the viewers would find a reason to hate it. All she did was scowl and roll her eyes at everyone, and, when it finally came time for her backstory, we saw...yep, more scowling and eye-rolling. There wasn't anything particularly memorable or even enjoyable about Shannon, and her death at the hands of Ana Lucia landed with a dramatic thud.

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7 Dogen

Season six does not rank very highly in viewers' lists of the greatest seasons, and the opening half is particularly criticized for being... well, stupid. The goofy character of Dogen didn't really help matters. Dogen was some type of mystical member of The Others who did magic stuff and oversaw the magic temple and its convenient magic pool of life. Basically, it was a whole lot of magic and a whole lot of nonsense that fans weren't ready to accept. What a waste of time this was.

6 Lennon

Who can forget Dogen's silly assistant, Lennon? Lennon was Dogen's goofy translator and hippie extraordinaire. He doesn't really... do anything aside from translate Dogen's words, and he served no dramatic purpose whatsoever. He also looked and acted a little silly at a time when viewers just wanted the story to get going, and they often took their frustrations out on poor Lennon. They want to watch magical adventures in a temple with some mystical dude and his hippie translator.

5 The Man In Black

The Man in Black represents all that was wrong with season six. For one thing, many fans hated the random introduction of Jacob and The Man in Black's brotherly rivalry and rebelled against its very inclusion.

Furthermore, they hated that The Man in Black was the Smoke Monster. Wait, what? Really? That's lame. But, wait, exactly how did he become the Smoke Monster? Oh, he fell into a magic hole that did magic stuff and turned him into magic smoke! Of course! Yeah, so much for all those "rational explanations" they promised us.

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4 Zoe

Seriously, what on Earth were they thinking with season six? Zoe, a.k.a. discount Tina Fey, was only in five episodes but somehow managed to make an indelible impression, and not in a good way. Many fans hated the character because she brought little to the story, was generally annoying, and took precious screen time away from the characters we actually knew and cared about. Much like Dogen and Lennon, much of the hate stems from her general inclusion at a time when Lost should have been concluding its stories. Why are we introducing new characters!?

3 Claire

Yes, we would argue that Claire is a supporting character. While she played a major role in the first two seasons of the show, she became significantly less important in season three before essentially vanishing altogether. That is, until the very end when she was awkwardly shoehorned back into the story.

Anyway, she was pretty grating thanks to her boring arguments with Charlie and constant interjections of MAH BABEH!! After a while, no one really cared about that darned baby but her.

2 Michael

Like Claire, Michael served a major role in the first two seasons of the show before disappearing (granted, Michael actually had a good reason for doing so). Yeah, he briefly came back in season four, but in the overall scheme of Lost, he's a supporting character.

Fans REALLY hated Michael, mostly for all his WAAAAAAAALLLLLLTTTT!! shenanigans that quickly grew irritating. Others hated the way he behaved around the others, which included betraying the group for his own selfish reasons. Yeah, he's not a fan favorite, that's for sure.

1 Karl

Karl was a whole bunch of useless, wasn't he? In fact, he was so utterly forgettable that most people forget he even existed. For those who legitimately don't remember, Karl was Alex's boyfriend who just kinda stood around while everybody else did the more interesting stuff.

In the end, he was killed alongside Rousseau when Keamy's team stormed the camp. Even his death was so undramatic and boring that most people don't remember it! Seriously, what was the point of this guy?

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