Netflix Teases Lost in Space Reboot Trailer With Classic Catchphrase

Netflix's Lost In Space Series Trailer

Netflix is getting ready to drop the full trailer for its Lost in Space reboot tomorrow, with the show premiering next month, and the official Twitter is doing all they can to drum up excitement for the series. But will spamming their timeline with a classic quote from the 1960s series backfire?

Lost in Space became a cult sci-fi hit when it first debuted in 1965 and now Netflix plans to reboot the space opera. The reboot has been largely shrouded in mystery, but the recently released Lost in Space teaser trailer seems to indicate a serious, grandiose update on the schlocky, retro version. The project has been slow going, being announced in 2014. Announcements were few and far between for a while, with only one big update coming out a year at a time. Netflix became involved in the project in 2015 and confirmed a full series order in 2016. News of the series has started to pick up since then, with several high profile stars joining the cast. Toby Stephens (Black Sails) and Molly Parker (House of Cards) have been cast as the Robinson parental figures, while Parker Posey will take on the role of Dr. Smith, and Maxwell Jenkins has nabbed the iconic role of Will Robinson.

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It's young Will and the famous catchphrase surrounding him that the official Twitter account has chosen for their promotional platform. In the original series, the robot G.U.N.T.H.E.R. would warn the youngest Robinson of impending doom with the phrase, "Danger, Will Robinson!" The show's Twitter has been pinging everyone on the social media site with the name of Will Robinson, including the famous quote and a GIF of young Will in what very much looks like some serious danger. The GIF closes with the promise of a new trailer arriving tomorrow. Check out one of the many tweets below:

Unfortunately, this gamble doesn't seem to be paying off. Several followers have replied to the tweet, saying they were temporarily unfollowing the account until the promotional campaign ends. Many complaints have accused the tweets of spamming timelines and annoying followers. The trailer-teasing GIF has been tweeted to dozens of real-life Will Robinsons over the past few hours.

Lost in Space is just one of potentially 700 original titles Netflix expects to populate their streaming library with by the end of 2018. The streaming network has made headlines recently with their $20.54 billion debt, but CFO David Wells seems confident that increasing marketing and original content is the key to future financial success and increased subscriber activity. To help achieve this, Netflix is dedicating $8 billion to their original content projects, and another $2 billion toward advertising alone.

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Lost in Space is set to premiere April 13, 2018.

Source: Lost in Space/Twitter

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