Lost In London: Trailer For Woody Harrelson's Live Movie

The trailer for Woody Harrelson's Lost in London has been released. Woody Harrelson has had a pretty incredible career. His first film role was in 1986 and ever since then he has been constantly acting. In recent years he is probably best known for his roles in The Hunger Games series, Zombieland, Now You See Me and sequel, the first season of True Detective, and his upcoming role in the Untitled Han Solo Movie. But for those who remember his earliest days - playing Woody on the sitcom Cheers - it's been an amazing journey.

Throughout his career however, Harrelson had nearly always remained just an actor. While many actors also try their hands at directing and writing, Harrelson only did so recently, turning an event which happened to him in 2002 into a full-length film - Lost in London. On January 19, 2017, Harrelson took off with a single camera and filmed Lost in London in one night - and broadcast it live into select theaters. This was the first time ever that a movie was screened live. In addition to its ground-breaking showing, the whole film was shot on that one camera, in one take.

And now, three months later, the film's trailer has been released, in preparation for a UK tour. It can be seen above.

Lost in London is based on a true experience Harrelson had back in 1992. The trailer opens with Harrelson - playing himself - heading out for the night with a friend, only to discover he is the latest celebrity to become the subject of a tabloid scandal. His wife, believing the story that Woody cheated on her, confronts him publicly. and it's all downhill from there as he suffers through a series of events throughout London. When denied entry to a club, Woody tries to use his celebrity to get in, naming his earliest big films Indecent Proposal and White Men Can't Jump and singing the theme song to Cheers when the bouncer doesn't seem to recognize him. He bumps into Owen Wilson - also playing himself - and before long the two are trading insults. Flipping out in a taxi, getting beaten up a few times, and even being arrested, Woody just tries to get through the night.

While it is certainly interesting for a trailer to premiere three months after the film, Lost in London has only had a limited release so far. Perhaps this trailer will help generate enough interest for the movie to finally have its official wide release. We'll just have to wait and see.

Source: Lost in London

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