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In the last post we did covering the latest promos for the sixth and final season of Lost, we told you to expect more to come as the season premiere draws ever closer. Well, turns out we were right as today we have yet more promos and teases for the final season of the show.

However, if you've been keeping up with the Lost promos so far you'll have noticed a trend in that they don't show is ANYTHING from the final season. Not one single frame of new footage, and instead the promos have just been old footage rearranged with a voice-over telling us how big of a phenomenon it's been around the world. However, in the latest promo we have our very first look at season 6, showing Claire (who we haven't seen since the middle of season 4) in "jungle mode" pointing a gun at someone.

It's the only new shot of season 6 we've seen in an official promo (if you look around Lost spoiler sites like Dark UFO you'll find set pics - but why spoil it for yourself?) and it's not much but hey, better than nothing, right? Here's the promo below - pause it at the 15 second mark to see Claire 2.0:

In case you're having trouble stopping it at the exact right time, here's a snapshot of it:

[Warning: The rest of this article contains SPOILERS for those not caught up with the show so far]

What could be guessed at from that single image? Could this be towards the beginning of season 6? Perhaps the Losties wake up in the jungle - in the same manner as Eko and Locke did at the start of season 3 after the Hatch imploded - and Claire appears out of nowhere pointing a gun at them until she realizes who they are? Or is Claire not on their side and she takes them hostage? It's pure speculation at this point. What do you think?

Next up is a look at the latest character promo images that we've been seeing a lot as of late. We've had ones so far for Ben, Kate, Sayid, Sun, Jin, Richard, Miles, Frank and Ilana, and to add to those we have a few for the always loveable Hurley. Check a couple of them out below (click for bigger versions):

Last up, we have some news regarding which characters we will see returning for Lost's last season. We've already had strong hints from the promo posters and even the writers of the show itself that we'd see old familiar faces from past seasons reprise their roles. Although just how many of them we'll see and how big of a role they'll have in how the story plays out obviously remains to be seen.

However, we get some concrete news today of characters returning from The Hollywood Reporter: Titus Welliver, who played the mysterious enemy of Jacob we saw at the beginning of the season 5 finale and who we found out was pretending to be Locke for at least 8 episodes, is reprising his role in the second part of season 6. Does that mean we won't find out who he is until at least half way through the final season? I don't think I can take more of that mystery!

Also returning is Jacob himself, Mark Pellegrino, who will appear in at least six episodes of the final season. I thought Jacob died in the season 5 finale? Did what the Losties do in 1977 with the bomb work and change things, meaning Jacob is alive again to continue his feud with his nemesis?

And finally, THR points us to an article from a couple of weeks ago where writers/exec producer Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse confirmed earlier speculation that Cynthia Watros (who played Libby) and Harold Perrineau (who played Michael) will be reprising their respective roles. I personally thought Michael's story was done and even though it would be great to see him come back (just purely as a Lost fan being nostalgic), I'll be interested to see how the writers justify it.

But Libby is a character whose story wasn't done, particularly because we haven't found out why she was in the same mental hospital as Hurley. Will we find that out in the last season? Or will Libby's role, again, be short-lived? We'll have to wait and see.

Thoughts on our first look at Claire in season 6? Where do you think she's been all this time and what part will she play in the story's conclusion? And are you glad both Jacob and his nemesis will be making significant appearances again before the show ends?

Lost season 6 premieres on Tuesday Feburary 2nd at 9:00pm, on ABC.

Sources: Dark UFO, ABC and THR (hat tip to Collider)

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