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[Spoiler Warning!!]

With only 14 episodes left until the series finale of Lost, people keep asking, “What’s going to happen next?” Well, since I’m not one of those fancy psychics, I figured I’d hunt down as many spoilers as I could find and put them all together in one spot for you here. After doing that, I now wish that I was psychic because staring at Lost spoilers for the past couple of hours has me going mental.

Hopefully, it will be worth it. If I ruin your favorite show for you, I apologize. To be fair, I did do the whole “spoiler warning” thing above and considering I’m not sure how big or little these spoilers will be to you, I’m going to do it one more time.

[Serious Spoiler Warning!! If I ruin Lost for you, I apologize, but I did give you fair warning]

If  you’re still here, let’s get on to the spoilers. Big and little, they’re all here. Some you’ve heard before, some you haven’t…

Walt will not be returningExecutive producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse have confirmed that there are no current plans to bring Malcolm David Kelley (Walt) back.

New Character Getting Extended RoleSheila Kelley’s (Richard Schiff's wife) character Kendall was originally cast for episodes 8, 10 and 11 with her being killed off in episode 11. Now, it looks like she'll be sticking around a little longer.

Says a source close to the show,

Sheila's role has been extended—she's doing at least one more episode than originally planned, maybe more. Her role was changed last minute. She flew to Hawaii again last week to film the added episode."

All is not forgotten in the alternate timelineThose in the alternate timeline will not get away free and clear. Soon they will start having memories about what happened on the island.

Someone will be having a child!Don’t be silly, it’s not going to be anyone on the island, but in the alternative timeline, someone will be having a baby.

Juliet will be back – towards the endSure, you probably already knew that this was going to happen, but it technically is a spoiler.

Elizabeth Mitchell (Juliet) says,

“They haven't told me a darn thing. They're gonna send me scripts in like a week or two. I will know more. I'm not entirely sure that they want me to say [what episode], but I know it's toward the end.”

Shannon and Nadia will returnSayid's love and Boone’s sister are both returning. While you can expect to see Nadia show up in the March 2 episode “Sundown,” nothing has been announced about when we can expect to see Shannon again.

Carlton Cuse says of Maggie Grace (Shannon),

“We’re really excited about having her back on the show, and we have a good story for her.”

Sayid won’t live happily ever afterThere was some truth when Sayid said he can’t be headed “anywhere good.” Just because Sayid was saved in the temple like young Ben Linus doesn’t mean that he’s going to have a happy ending… because he won’t.

Desmond is not happy in the alternate timelineIt seems as if everything isn't good, brother. The alternate timeline isn't the best place for everyone.

Henry Ian Cusick (Desmond) says,

"The motivation has always been to get to Penny, and now he's got something slightly different. It's not about him, he's being more selfless. He's trying to help everyone,"

Jack is no longer in the saving businessDoctor? Doctor? Is anyone here a doctor? Nope, not anymore...

Matthew Fox (Jack) says,

"For the first time in his life, he's really listening to his own sense of what his fate is. He actually believes he's completely ready to give his life for what he is meant to do on this island."

The Island will be split!With lines being drawn in the proverbial and literal sand, expect to see sides being chosen.

Nestor Carbonell says,

“With respect to alliances, there's going to be a lot of movement and fluctuations. There will be loyalty, but there's going to be a lot of shifting and power struggle, which is always at play. Everyone's mettle is tested in this final season.”

Hurley & Libby will reunite!Maybe Hurley was right in the alternate timeline when he said that he was the luckiest guy ever.

Cynthia Watros (Libby) on their reunion,

“[It’s] so sweet and honest. And I think, hopefully, when people see our scenes that they’ll get that feeling, too. [Libby and Hurley] are so incredibly real with each other. I was really grateful that I got to play those scenes and Libby got to sort of express herself in ways that she hasn’t been able to.”

Kate & Sawyer or Kate & Jack? Neither!It's the question that has been asked since the first season. Now, it has an answer...

Evangeline Lilly (Kate) says,

"I'm afraid I'm going to go down on record saying this, but Kate has ridden both those horses... Neither one seems to fit. It's been six years, and those boys haven't picked it up. So, unless they pick up their A-game, I think she's done."

Matthew Fox reiterates,

"I don't know, man. I'm not sure that's going to work out. I think Jack is really focused on what his fate is now and what that might mean to him, and I think that he might be believing that no matter how he feels about her, that might not be what is destined."

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