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This past weekend, the Paley Center for Media started their annual PaleyFest, where the cast and crew of popular television series are invited to discuss their show as well as field questions from the attending audience. Since Lost is the most talked about show on the air, you know that it was going be included.

The panel was set for Saturday and Damon Lindelof, Carlton Cuse along with the rest of the executive producers took the stage to answer every question the audience had – without actually giving real answers.

Along with the producers were Michael Emerson (Ben Linus), Terry O’Quinn (John Locke/MIB) and Nestor Carbonell (Richard Alpert). While no major information was given out (like our previous spoiler post), they did give us a taste of what’s to come.

Check out some of the stuff that was revealed.

• Ben's childhood friend, Annie, is not coming back. Neither is Matthew Abbadon or Mr. Eko. On the other hand, Charlie Pace, Charles Widmore and his dog, Vincent, will.

• There will be an entire episode focused Richard Alpert; how old is he, who he is, what he does.

• No news on whether Disney World is planning a Lost ride. Although, Lindelof had an idea, "Just put people in a dark room, spin them around for a minute, have them walk out of the room, punch them in the face and say, 'You've just had the Lost experience.'"

• The bird in the first season finale who said “Hurly” will be back. Says Lindelof, "That is on our list of things to explain."

• The only thing keeping Walt from coming back is that the actor is much older and taller now. "We are actually working on a way to try to bring Walt back before Lost is all said and done," Cuse said.

• Does Jacob have a list? "The idea that Jacob had a list that he furnished to the Others or to Ben is up for debate," Lindelof says. They went on to imply that Ben Linus might have just invented the idea of the list as a way to get Jack to operate on his spinal tumor.

• On whether or not we’ll see what happens to Rose and Bernard, Lindelof asks, "In which timeline? We already found out what happened to Rose in sideways. We might be seeing Bernard in sideways." They refused to say if the couple will make a return to the island.

• Jacob wasn’t lying when he said that someone is coming to the island. Although, the producers – in typical lost fashion – refuse to divulge who it is.

• They’re in the midst of writing the series finale right now. In terms of where they’re at with it, Cuse says, "We have architecture for the end of the show, but on a character level there's room for discovery. There's a destination that we're getting to, but there will definitely be things we discover and moments, rather than seismic changes, in our game plan."

• Describe the finale episodes in one word? “Water,” says Lindelof.

While nothing major was revealed, it’s nice to know that they’re actually spending time on the finale and not just cranking something out where the show ends with a black screen. I don't think a bunch of angry Lost fans running around thinking that their televisions are broken would be a good thing. Although, if they do decide to go down that Sopranos road, they at least need to use a different Journey song.  My vote is for “Separate Ways.”

What do you think of the little tid-bits that the producers provided? Anything new and interesting or are they just bringing up old stuff to keep us quite? Are you really ready for the finale episode to be about water? Think that there’s a more appropriate Journey song than “Separate Ways?”

Let’s hear it!

Don’t forget to watch Lost Tuesdays @9PM on ABC.

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Source: TV Guide

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