Lost Adds Japanese Superstar To Cast

Lost is one of those programs that will always have it's own, unique, original footprint on television history. Its power to overwhelm with wonder, character arcs and "flash-back-flash-forward" stories is legendary. As the series enters it's final season, it promises to continue to deliver, in particular with the recent cast addition of Japanese Elvis-level-star, Hiroyuki Sanada (Speed Racer).

Exactly what role Hiroyuki will be filling is still up for grabs, but suffice to say - mysterious pan-flute-laden music will follow most of Hiroyuki Sanada during his steps in the upcoming final season of Lost.

Just as was evidenced recently with Korean-born actor Byung-hun Lee's (Storm Shadow) turn in G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra, American audiences often are uniquely unaware of just how famous and popular people showing up "in our programs" are in their home countries across the pond. Hiroyuki Sanada, who celebrates his 50th birthday later this year, started acting when he was a child. He has a wide and varied career that continues to grow with projects like his inclusion in this last, grand season of  Lost.

Lost is a show that really inspires entertainment critics and viewers of all kinds. I am continually impressed with the show's ability to not only dip into the idea well but the character well too - even this close to the end of its run. It showcases a raising of the bar for creative vision, while driving you to want to watch every week in order to "see what will happen next" - one of the most fundamental, but often-forgotten, commandments of great television.

Do YOU have a favorite, often-unheralded foreign actor that's recently taken a seat on a program on television or in feature films? Eager to tell us what YOU think about the next and final season of Lost? Let  us know in the discussion area below!

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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