Final Season Of Lost Interrupted By Winter Olympics

If you're reading this as a Lost fan I'm sorry to bring you some disappointing - some would say outright BAD - news about the much-anticipated sixth and final season. IGN (from Abramsology) reports that the last season of Lost will be broken up into two-parts because of, wait for it... the Winter Olympics.

I know, I wish I was joking, too...According to Lost writer/executive producer, Carlton Cuse, ABC will air the first few episodes of season 6 in January and early February as planned, but will take a break between February 12th and February 28th for the Winter Olympics, returning in early March. The Winter Olympics don't even air on ABC, but rather on NBC; however, it appears ABC (for some reason) is worried that episodes airing when the Olympics are on would go unseen by too many.

Hmmm, okay...

Really, those who are tuning in to find out what happens in Lost's final season will be there for the duration. Will they really be juggling the idea of skipping an episode of one of their favorite shows to make sure they don't miss the latest curling match? I really don't know why ABC is doing this. I'm just one of many Lost fans who were looking forward to a break-free final season, something which we were promised a few months back. Fellow Lost fans will know all-too-well the feeling when you're left hooked on a cliffhanger, only to have to wait weeks because of a break in airing to find out what happens. It's not fun...

Peter Sciretta over at /Film shares my sentiment over Lost - they're is LITERALLY nothing in the land of TV and movies that I'm looking forward to more than the final season of the show. I've been a devoted fan since episode one, when Jack opened his eye in the jungle and ran out onto the beach to find the plane crashed - right up until the final second of season 5's finale, which ended with a bang ( :P ). I'm going to be blunt and say I couldn't give a crap about the Winter Olympics (if you're an avid fan of the event, I apologize) and am annoyed it is interrupting the final season of my favorite show.

DarkUFO notes that there has been no official announcement from ABC about the breaking up of season 6 (there hasn't even been an official season 6 air date set - sometime in January is all we know), but if anyone knows this sort of thing, it's Cartlon Cuse. Screen Rant will keep you posted.

What do you think of Lost's final season apparently being interrupted by the Winter Olympics? Do you think winter sports are reason enough to break up the show?

Sources: Abramsology, IGN, Collider, DarkUFO and /Film

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