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Lost epilogue details - Jorge Garcia - Hurley

[Warning: This article contains LOST SPOILERS!]

It's been almost three weeks since the end of Lost and I don't know about you but I'm still having withdrawal symptoms. For me it was a fantastic ending to the show (at least in terms of the characters) and even though I wouldn't want them to tamper with it by adding any more, I still can't help but want to see any and all footage I can.

If you're in the same situation as me then we're both in luck as Michael Emerson (who played Ben Linus) recently let slip that there will be a a Lost epilogue involving Ben and Hurley's time as protectors of The Island. Emerson revealed this on G4'S Attack of the Show and from the video interview it looked like he wasn't supposed to tell anyone (at least not yet).

However, the cat's out of the bag now and there's no sense in hiding it. So if you're curious as to what exactly the Lost epilogue will be then you might want to check out what Jorge Garcia (Hurley) told E! Online yesterday.

At the Monte Carlo Television Festival, Garcia confirmed that the epilogue will be featured on Lost: The Complete Collection (and presumably the season 6 DVD). He obviously didn't give away a whole lot, but here's what he hinted at nonetheless:

"It will address some of the issues, like the food drops, and it will deal with what happened on the island after Hurley took over and how he handled things... It will give you a taste of what took place after Hurley took over as the new number one. There's a little epilogue thing going on with the DVD."

Lost - Ben and Hurley epilogue

It's funny he mentions the food drops as that was one of the lingering and ultimately unanswered questions of Lost. If you remember back in season 2 there was a food drop out of nowhere presumably sent by the Dharma Initiative 15-20 years after they had either been killed or evacuated The Island. I don't think I was the only one who expected that to be answered by the end of the show, but evidently it wasn't.

E! is also reporting from "inside sources" that Walt will be in the bonus material (we're not sure if that means in that actual epilogue or not) and that we'll find out what happened to him - hopefully including more about why he was so "special" - but there are no details beyond that. Garcia also hinted to E! that there will be more familiar faces in the epilogue, but he wouldn't give away anymore than that - "There are other people in it, but I'm not going to tell you who."

Lost epilogue - Walt

If you're interested you can head over to E! Online to check out the rest of the interview with Garcia, where he talks about such things as his experiences making the show, what he really thought of the finale (hint: he loved it but don't worry he gives good reasons why :P ) and what's next for him in the land of TV and movies.

As I said when Emerson revealed the existence of the Lost epilogue, I'm okay with there being more to the story because technically it's not part of the actual show. The writers have always said the only thing that should be taken as Lost canon is what's in the actual episodes of the show. So this epilogue will go along with deleted scenes and webisodes as an added bonus for avid fans.

What do you think of the new details about the Lost epilogue? What sort of answers are you looking for it to provide that the show didn't?

Both Season 6 and the Complete Collection of Lost will be released on DVD and Blu-ray on August 24th, 2010. If you haven't checked out the special features and the artwork then please do so. If you're a Lost fan I promise when you see the packaging you'll start saving your money!

Source: E! Online (via /Film)

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